Symbols & Codes



These are just a few symbols that people understand. Frankly, your guess is as good as mine, as to why a RUBICK’S CUBE is represented here. I see a South Korean flag, palmistry symbol, runes, Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball, and that pendulum thingy.

symbols, secret

 These are supposedly mysterious symbols. Well they hardly look “mysterious” to me. I see a cat, a church steeple, a picnic bench, a T shape, a cross, a hero sandwich, trees, a couple of crosses, a V shape, 2 shovels, a river, a badly drawn happy face, a slinky, and a few assorted squiggly lines. But if I were to design a code, so that no one could interpret it, I would use lots of shapes. Why? To confuse anyone who is not ALLOWED to read my secret messages. It’s what spies seem to do, in order to pass secrets.( Or so I’ve been told.)

Years ago I designed my own codes. I would write a complicated series of  letters that were hard to make out. That way, if someone were to TRY to read my notes, they would be shut down. I had to memorize how to re-write letters & numbers, but my code was my very own. I suggest, that if you want to write something NOBODY should read, a code is an easy thing to invent. Unfortunately, computers can en-code now, as well as de-code. The smart way to use codes, is to write them on paper with a pen. (I know, some of us still believe in the “OLD SCHOOL” methods. Try doing it yourself, it’s a challenge.


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