Look out here come the FAN-atics!!


FanaticsI have recently been attacked on Twitter  by a “Celebrity” I use this term loosely because if he had no TV show, he would be little more than your next door neighbor, a brother or a cousin. (He is NOT God.) The problem is, his fan base is made up of very jealous women. Here’s what they do to people who post. If you say someone is rude or nasty, they go bizerk. They have no filters. They say any creepy thing they can think of followed by LOL.

These FAN-atics are delusional. They think because a celebrity TWEETS them, that the celebrity knows them. The other day, the celebrity made a crass remark, and I responded saying that he was CUTE, and thought I would defuse the situation. I also remarked that he was being nasty(WHICH HE WAS.) Then guess what these fanatics came after me, saying mean things that made no sense. Then I realized they were JEALOUS of me. The Fanatics WORSHIP celebrities. In the 80’s they were called groupies. They have NO LIFE outside of twitter. If you say ANYTHING against their idols, they will verbally attack you. These are TROLL FANATICS. These are the worst of the worst. They are Nuts! The pathetic thing about them is they try and take a knife to a gun fight. Game over fan girls.



2 thoughts on “Look out here come the FAN-atics!!

    • It really surprised me, because I try and keep a low profile. However, I do say some goofy things, like everyone else. Twitter can be fun, but there are many out there that take it too seriously, they forget it is a community forum. Thank you for the comment Lou. Junior High is when I got bullied, and I think it made me stronger. I don’t think bad behavior of any kind should be ignored.

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