What’s cuter than a baby FOX ?


Dwarf FoxThis is a photo of a dwarf fox. This is one of many who live on the Channel Islands, off the coast of California. Unfortunately, they are now endangered, so a breeding program is in place to help re-populate the species. They are actually smaller than a house cat, when fully grown. (So they’re about half the size of a regular fox.)

Where I live in Northern Arizona, we have a couple of  fox dens on our land. I came across one quite by accident, when I was out exploring our back yard. They burrow deep into the earth, but they cover the area with rocks and sticks in order to protect their lair. We see them periodically, usually before sunrise, frolicking on our deck. They are amazingly agile, and leap and jump much like cats.

Sometimes I wonder why my husband and I chose such an isolated spot to live. Yet, when I see the wild creatures around me, I am reminded why rural settings are so wonderful. The wildlife is abundant, and the quiet is amazing. I used to “walk on the wild side”… I still do, but in a different way. I have seen bobcats, road-runners, javalina, eagles, hawks, cardinals, quail, and even coyotes near us. Out here, my backyard can resemble an episode on the National Geographic channel. Nature can be a real treasure, but with one exception, I’ll never get used to are the bugs.  :-b


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