Are Agents listening to our every Blog and Text?


Government Agent IIII am not very paranoid. Don’t get me wrong, but on occasion, I have been known to look over my shoulder to check if I’m being followed. This stuff that’s coming out now about the government checking e-mails, AOL accounts, phone calls, etc. is NOTHING NEW! I remember hearing about the McCarthy era, when people were accused of being commies. That was a long time ago, and yet we are acting like this is the first time surveillance of citizens is something new… Let’s get real, BIG BROTHER is watching you!

The only way to stay far away from government interference is to lead a boring life. Don’t associate with “scketchy” people, don’t commit crimes, don’t hang out in countries that breed extremists. That being said, most of us do not fall into those categories. The majority of Americans, are boring as hell, and therefore fly under the radar.

Here is one significant fact EVERYONE should know. The Feds look for people on FACEBOOK. I have heard this from Law Enforcement “types” over and over. So just a “heads up” my darlings. If you have a warrant out for your arrest, you engage in criminal activity, or you are even thinking of doing something bad, don’t brag about it on FACEBOOK. People often do, and they get arrested. Remember: FACEBOOK is an open book, and when you put out information, you invite the world to explore it.


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