Don’t you wish ALL people would carry a warning label?


GI 10Here is Psycho GI Joe. He may look like a best friend, a good neighbor, or a “FUN” guy to know. Alas, he isn’t. He is a menace to society, he farts in public places, and embarrasses his friends in public. He beats up children, animals, and those who happen to be in close proximity to his “stuff”, or within hearing distance. He has earned the title “psycho” because he lives it. Some people aspire to greatness, his aspirations are either criminal or sociopathic. He feels uncomfortable forming bonds with people, and his favorite person is himself.  He starts every sentence with either I, Me or Mine. (In his “world” there is no “we”.)

Psycho Joe is not a person who will say the word “Love”. He thinks “love” is for pussies, wussies, and weaklings. He calls his mother once a year, on Mother’s Day just to tell her how worthless she is. He keeps repeating the same lame joke: “People go to Heaven for the nice weather, and Hell for the the company.” He makes ALL his girlfriends wear a shirt that says: “Good girls go to Heaven, Bad girls go Everywhere.” Either that, or the shirt he wears says” “I’m with STUPID” and has an arrow which points to the poor girl. When people see him coming, they cross the street, and walk in the opposite direction.

I think every woman has met a guy like Psycho Joe. He’s the guy who shows up late for every date, wants you to pay for dinner, and then EXPECTS you to be the dessert. Hmmm. I have even heard men say that women prefer “Bad Boys”. Men have the mistaken belief that the worse they act, the sexier they look. Frankly, I prefer nice guys, and NERDS are the best of all because they usually have suits and ties in their closet. (Did I forget to mention that it’s sexy when a man gets dressed up for a girl? Well…it is sexy.)

I think they need to make bad guys carry signs. There should be a law that Bad Guys be branded in some way. When we see them coming, we can be prepared, and therefore protect ourselves. It will never happen, but if you have a daughter, you may one day reconsider the “sign thing”. Psycho Joe is REAL, I’ve met a few. Be AFRAID, be VERY AFRAID…


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