Is TWITTER addictive?


sign on stairsI really don’t know about you, but I have a real OBSESSION… I can’t stay away from Twitter. At first, I thought Twitter was a real bore. However, you can use Twitter to get information from News Feeds, get celebrity gossip, receive reminders of new shows on television, get movie trailers, meet strange and interesting people in your areas of interest, AND watch people say and do ridiculous things on video.

Now look closely at this sign. Exit first, BEFORE tweeting? Some people tweet the entire contents of their day. (Zak Bagans!!) This sign is for them. Do I think people will try to get a close-up picture of smoke BEFORE exiting a building? Well duh! Of course they will. Many people are addicted to getting the story first and are WORSE than me, and I have the Tweeteritis bug. (Brain inflammation from Twittering.)

I originally thought Twitter was a place to go if you wanted to hear about one person you admire. That may be fun for a bit, if you have a rabid obsession. However, you can keep track of anyone, and if you are very lucky, they will answer back. (Hard for them to do, if they have a following of 64,000 people.) Believe it or not, some people have over a million people following them on Twitter! Frankly, I like to follow people who make amusing comments, are not repetitious, and ones who actually READ the tweets. Some celebrities are gracious enough to respond. Those darling angels are my favorites!

The only thing I despise about Twitter are the people who use it for shameless self-promotion. They try to sell you anything and everything. The telemarketers are getting to be a thing of the past, since the new age “rage” is throwing your commercials on the internet. Authors are trying to cram their books down your throat, poets will woo you, musicians will sing to you, and comedians will show you video feeds. Some of it is fun, while much of it is incomprehensible. It’s a smorgasborg of INSANITY.

That being said, the rest is illumination, mixed with humor and social inter-action. I don’t always know who is at the “other end” of the tweets I receive. It could be a celebrity assistant, a friend, or “other”. Some parody accounts are very funny, other’s are not. The best way to know is to give it a try, and see how it goes. I have been working on my account for about four months and it has been getting better with time. I just want to say one thing to the 3 people who may read this…Thank you for responding to my Tweets, some of you have starred them as favorites, and you have given me a lot of happiness and I feel honored. Cheers to you!




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