Don’t believe everything you Read!


Sign in bathroomWhen I saw this sign, I saved it in my files. Caution…. The floor is now Lava? Of course if you speak a little Spanish, you know what a rotten translation this is. It should read the floor is WET, or even The floor has just been washed. Whatever happened to this sign is kind of tragic, but most of all it’s funny. I have a feeling who ever printed the sign was not bi-lingual.

I often think that communication with words will soon go away. People type, they send texts, talk on cell phones, blog, and yes, even tweet. What do we need with these pesky verbal skills anyway? Aren’t they getting in the way of technology? Let the machines do are thinking for us. Yes…I am being snarky and sarcastic. (Spell check hates the word snarky by the way.)

I read every day. I believe it keeps the brain active and energized. Some of what I read on the internet is a little sketchy. In other words, ANYONE can put something on the internet, whether it is true or not is another story. Luckily, I’ve been around the block a few times, so I can distinguish truth from reality. But hey, that’s me, Kids must be really confused. There are so many liars out there, and to many of them, the internet is their playground.( Jeez, don’t believe me, get on YouTube.)

I remember once when pretending not to understand the language saved me. I was in Las Vegas, (Sin City, USA). While walking down the street, minding my own business, a creepy guy tried hitting on me. (Gold chains, greasy hair, you know the type.) He looked me over and said: “Hey Baby, where are you going?” After studying acting for many years, I put on my best Russian accent and said: “Sorry, I no, no understand englash!” The guy looked really PO’ed. He said: “No English? What is that your speaking?” I shrugged my shoulders, looked more confused and said: “Sorry, Sorry”. By this time a crowd of gawkers was staring, he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere, and I simply walked away. The guy was a total DICK. If you want to talk to a “Lady”, you need a proper introduction. You don’t try to hit on her in the middle of street. Of course, if he looked like Bruce Campbell, I would have slowed down, smiled and gone to the closest bar to join him for Mojitos.  🙂




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