Train your dog to proof read!


bulldog doing researchI just love this picture. I do not own this dog, but let’s call him Ralphie. What I want to do is train him to proof read. Why? Spell check does NOT catch the real mistakes… Like content, foreign languages, slang, words I make up “on the fly”, and lest we forget proper happy faces. 🙂  This one is lame 🙂  This is a good one :0) { Looks like a clown doesn’t it?} Here’s one I really enjoy—>  😀   or  :-p   ,  if I can get  Ralphie to proof this stuff, then my life is complete.

OK, so I’m smearing the screen with peanut butter, he’s licking it up. Yeah!! Wait…. I think my computer is getting a bit damp. He seems to be interested, but now I smell smoke! Oh boy, this did not work. Tomorrow , I’m getting a monkey. Kids, don’t try this at home, leave all the really stupid stuff for the adults.



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