Art is for Everyone!


carved relief, Chimayo  Carved Door in New Mexico, Symbol of a Sacred Heart

Two days ago, I got back from vacation in New Mexico. You would be surprised how many people think “New Mexico” lies South of the border! It’s sad, but true. New Mexico is one of ours….I’m sure YOU know that. My husband was born on the Rez, in the Northern part of the State. So we visit often, and enjoy the sights. One thing I enjoy is the folk art.

Folk ArtThis CRAZY sign can be found on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. There are a lot of weird and wonderful things to see on Canyon Road, such as Galleries, Bronze statues, Paintings, Photography and yes, even Folk Art. I myself am a wood-carver, and appreciate anyone who is bold enough to call themselves’ an artist. Being creative is fun, but making a living as an artist is next to impossible these days.

Fat ManThis bronze of an obese man was wild!

I love whimsical art. My favorite part of carving is creating CRAZY characters that evoke a reaction. If you can look at a piece of art and smile, then it communicates fun. It is one thing I like about art. You don’t have to be an up-tight jerk to produce wonderful work. Art has a little something for everyone. The fat guy doing a yoga pose, well…. I thought he was awesome. That’s why I took the photo. Let me know what YOU think.


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