Hello My Friends


Santa Fe HomeShot of Santa Fe Home, complete with hanging Ristras.

Just got back from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Spell check just rejected Ristras! Hah!! They are the hanging red peppers that adorn the fronts of many of the homes in Santa Fe and even in Taos. They are preserved with a layer of wax, so they do not disintegrate easily.

Everything about this area is rather magical. My husband grew up in the Northern part of New Mexico, so we often return to the area while we are on vacation. The Plaza in Santa Fe is always fun to visit. The Native American vendors sell their art and jewelry on the sidewalks. The Plaza also attracts visitors from around the world, and you never know who may show up.

I enjoy Canyon Road, which is about four or five blocks off the Plaza. It is full of galleries, a few scattered restaurants, and artists galore. If you enjoy art at all it is a must see for every tourist. It is a good idea to get there EARLY, before 10am, because the parking situation is a real pain. Other than that, you can walk up and down the street and take in the beauty of it, while getting your daily exercise. My favorite gallery this trip was The Michael LeRoy Smith Gallery. The Paintings and Photographs were amazing!!


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