Chapel of Loretto, Santa Fe


Jesus in alcoveIf you ever decide to visit the Chapel of Loretto, in Santa Fe New Mexico, you are in for a surprise. People come to see the Miraculous staircase, that makes 3 complete 360 degree turns, yet is not put together with nails, nor does it have a center post. It is a marvel, and certainly worthy of a visit.

Whenever I go to Santa Fe, I try to visit the Chapel. This time, I photographed this statue of Jesus. Everyone was looking at the staircase, and I kept taking pictures of this statue. Why? Every photo I took looked completely different. I told myself it was just the light, but maybe I was supposed to take this picture. He is pointing to His heart, a symbol of compassion…

StairwayIIHere is the photo of the “Miraculous” staircase. Build entirely of wood. The nuns prayed a Novena (A weeks worth of prayers) to Saint Joseph, because the Chapel was built without a set of stairs to the choir loft. After the Novena, a man appeared on a donkey, and told the sisters he would build a staircase. He came with simple tools and only asked for hot water, in order to shape the wood. Many believe that Saint Joseph himself, built the staircase.  It has a lot of people scratching their heads. Every time I see it,  it strengthens my belief in miracles.


One thought on “Chapel of Loretto, Santa Fe

  1. The Chapel of Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a magical place. I recommend anyone who believes in the supernatural to visit, if they get to that neck of the woods. Even if you are NOT religious, the miraculous staircase will astound you. (How it was built, and how it remains standing is a mystery to most of us.)

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