Want to Survive? Adapt !


chameleonThis lovely creature, the ever flamboyant chameleon, turned his skin to turquoise, purple and red to fool predators. He is the drag queen of the animal kingdom. This one is probably not ashamed of himself either. Obviously, letting his freak flag fly is what he is good at. When I saw this photo, I was absolutely amazed that a lizard could be so colorful. You have to admit, there isn’t anything quite like it on Earth.

Speaking of Earth, and Earthlings, do you have ways of adapting to your environment?  I think I do. When I’m walking around in a big city, I don’t make eye contact, and hurry along, so I don’t fall prey to pick pockets, muggers, and people hitting me up for pocket change. In a small town, I walk slower, make eye contact and say hello even to strangers. I adapt to every situation, and act accordingly. I change as my environment varies. This is a type of adaptation. We all do this without being aware of it.

Last year, I was a member of MUFON, (Mutual UFO network). There was a story going around that an Alien being, (From another Planet, not South of the Border), was seen by several witnesses running down the Street in Uptown Sedona. I asked what the fella looked like. They said brownish in color, and definitely not human. Hmmmm, I wonder what they saw exactly? Obviously if a being from another planet came through a portal, and landed in Sedona, things could get complicated. He probably knows humans are slow, very hostile, and that they shoot first, and ask questions later. NO WONDER HE WAS RUNNING ! (This is another good example of adapting to your surroundings.)



3 thoughts on “Want to Survive? Adapt !

  1. A man once pointed out an alien – no one saw him (it). It was so fantastic that people’s minds simply did not register the Being. It wanted to make a grand entrance – no applause greeted it and it left – more like flew away – dejected. Oh, well 🙂

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