Life in the Desert { We even Get Ball Lightning!}


Deutsch: Ball Lightning - "Globe of Fire ...

Deutsch: Ball Lightning – “Globe of Fire Descending into a Room” in “The Aerial World,” by Dr. G. Hartwig, London, 1886. P. 267. Library Call Number QC863.4 H33 1886. Image ID: libr0524, Treasures of the NOAA Library Collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cactus violet I

Life in the desert can be harsh. When the cactus Blooms come out, it dots the landscape with a happy splash of color. It is part of what makes the desert a lovely place to be. I had to get so close to the thing to get a picture, my cell phone was nearly kissing the petals.

Today, where I live, it will creep into the 90’s, and it isn’t pleasant. However, by the time August gets here, and it’s around 115 degrees, we start to PRAY FOR RAIN! It has been about five years since we had a truly spectacular Monsoon Season. I never knew what a Monsoon was until I moved to Arizona. It has to be over 100 degrees farenheit, then the clouds form, the skies become dark, and mother nature lets loose with an insane amount of rain.

I have seen the weather change so quickly, that it can be frightening. We can get flooded streets, winds that reach 60 miles per hour, and power outages. The electricity goes out, when the wind and rain knock out electrical system. We always keep flashlights handy, just in case. (This NEVER happened in California, our problem there was “Earth Quakes” .) I think every State in the Union has its own unique problem.

The weirdest thing I ever experienced during an electrical storm out here, was Ball Lightning. I just happened to look outside during a terrific storm, and I saw a large ball of RED LIGHT in the driveway. It was a bit smaller than a soccer ball, and the intensity of the light was rather hard to describe. (Sort of like the intense light that is produced by arc welding.) Suddenly, the ball lightning exploded!  It was much louder than gun fire. It definitely sounded like somebody had lobbed a grenade at us! It did not cause any damage, but there were greasy stains in the driveway that lasted for months. (You would think it would leave burn marks, but it looked like oil or grease.) If anyone has seen this sort of phenomena, let me know, I’d love to hear your story!


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