Sometimes, my dog THINKS he’s Kujo !


Bear Growl IIBEAR  in  Full GROWL MODE…

This is my very own darling dog. His growl is worse than his bite. One day my husband sat around with a chunk of cheese and said to him, “NO ! It’s mine!” (As he dangled the cheese in front of him.) The dog was so frustrated he growled… From then on, if you say, “Mine” he growls. Poor dog only did what he was trained to do. Growling is a dogs’  “Early Warning System”, and they are telling you something is wrong. Some dogs, do not growl, they lunge and bite, and THIS BEHAVIOR, is hard to treat. So it is better to have a growler, than a biter on your hands.

We can get him to growl on cue, but it is frightening to watch. These dogs are part Dingo, and shouldn’t be tormented. I don’t think that there is a mean bone in his body. If he sees an animal or person he does not like he tries to hide behind me or run away from them. He won’t go near a snake either. If he sees one, he lets me know by crouching down, then circles around it leaving at least a six-foot distance between himself and the snake. We have lots of snakes in Arizona, if there is one in the yard, he’ll let me know.

I like my dog because he gives me unconditional love. This is not a human trait, this is something we get from dogs. Just spell dog backwards… They ARE  heavenly protectors. If you have ever had a dog as a companion, I think you understand what I’m saying. They will never judge you,  ignore you if you look bad, or call you some hateful name. When they do something wrong, they often beg for forgiveness. So tell me my friends, when was the last time someone acted like that with you?




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