What makes this Creature so Cute?


SlothPhoto borrowed from Twitter

There is NOTHING cuter than a three toed sloth, and almost NOTHING slower, except maybe a snail. They spend their whole lives’ just hanging out. If I did that, I’d probably weigh 300 pounds. But this guy, he’s freakin’ A M A Z I N G !

They only come down from the trees once and day, and that is so they can perform a “Bodily Function”. What a life. Hanging in the trees, not a care in the world. It’ s kind of like being a Forest Ranger, but without the stress. I don’t envy the adorable little guy, but I do admire how his species had adapted.

What makes them so CUTE? Look at the face, my friends. He looks like a really cute baby, only hairier. This guy also looks like he’s wearing a mask, which makes him kind of mischievous looking. The most incredible thing about a sloth is the fact that they look HUMAN. Since humans are arrogant creatures, anything that looks like us, is considered “cute”.

Lately, there have been a lot of sloth videos on YouTube. They are funny, weird and worth watching. They are indigenous to South America, so if you live in North America, don’t bother looking for them at a pet store. From my perspective, they belong in the wild, and adopting one is not advisable. They need quiet, open spaces with plenty of trees to survive. Remember kids, stay away from wild animals, unless you’re at a Frat Party.   🙂



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