What the heck did I see yesterday?


storm cloudsIf you have been reading these weird blogs you know I like to talk about the strange and unusual. Yesterday when I was looking up at the clouds I saw something drifting by that was impossible to explain. It looked like a puffy white ball scooting across the sky. It was NOT a plane, because it was silent, and it wasn’t a blimp or a piece of plastic because it was going as fast as an airplane would travel. It was traveling North to South in a very straight trajectory. Made no sense.

Here’s why I don’t report  this stuff to any agency or organization. #1. I don’t want a visit from The Men in Black  #2. I don’t want people to  think I’m a LUNATIC  #3. It was gone so fast, It was hard to describe it in any detail #4. I have no photos or videos of the object  #5. When you see something that does not fit into any logical pattern, your brain screams : “No one will believe you !”

I get reports sent daily to my Twitter Feed, telling me what others are seeing. Lately, it is the Triangular UFO’s. Some see metallic objects that are round or cigar-shaped. What did I see? Something that was white and round like a sphere, but it did not look like a metallic sort of craft one would expect. So….weather balloon? No. Way too fast. Blimp? No. Wrong shape. Swamp Gas? No. There are no swamps in Northern Arizona.

The weird thing is, I went to YouTube and I saw a video of something very similar that a videographer captured. It made me feel less “alone”, and a tad less crazy. My advice to you is to “KEEP LOOKING UP”, because you never know what you’ll see. Before I end this, I want to give you a hint, often UFO’s are spotted on cloudy days, and have been known to hide in the cloud layers. Some witnesses believe that they can also build a layer of clouds by manipulating the air around them. So, that being said, if you are curious yourself, then I wish you “Happy Hunting!”


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