What is under a man’s Kilt?


What is so fascinating about a Man in Kilts?


I LOVE visiting Scotland. I'm from the United States and going there always excites me. One of the reasons, is that the men wear Kilts!

Before I visited Edinburgh, I never thought a bit about Kilts. In fact, I see them so rarely in the States. Occasionally, I will see them at parades, and even at funerals. In Scotland, the men wear them when guarding the castle at Edinburgh, at weddings, celebrations, in movies, and just for lounging around or walking down the street. They wear them with smart stalkings, a sporran, and an adorable jacket. (A sporran is a pouch made with hair or fur that is worn on the front of the kilt.)

I find it particularly fascinating that they wear kilts in FREEZING weather. This means that you have to be a "Manly Man" to be tough enough to wear one. IT IS NOT A SKIRT ! It is a traditional garment worn by men from Scotland. When I see a handsome man in a kilt my knees get weak. It is very, very sexy !!

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