How do you know if you are going CRAZY?


Dr. Simkovitz: So, what is your problem?

Patient: I don't know if I HAVE a problem, that's why I am here!

Dr. Simkovitz: Don't get excited, we'll get to the root of your problem.

Patient: What problem?

Dr. Simkovitz: (With a HEAVY Sigh…) Isn't that why you came to a psychiatrist? You must have a problem?

Patient: A psychiatrist? I wanted to see a Podiatrist…

Dr. Simkovitz: Your feet hurt?

Patient: No, they don't hurt.

Dr. Simkovitz: Then what is wrong with you?

Patient: Hmmm. I told you, I don't know. You figure it out. You're a doctor.

Dr. Simkovitz: Stop this! You are driving me CRAZY!!

Patient: Ummm, then maybe YOU should see a psychiatrist.

Dr. Simkovitz: I already do see a psychiatrist.

Patient: Really?

Dr. Simkovitz: Yes, every morning when I shave. One more patient like you, and I'll be tempted to slit my throat!

Patient: You sound CRAZY.

Dr. Simkovitz: I know, you're a good teacher!!!

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