Haunted Tale


Terrified by an Unseen Entity…

EVIL Face (self portrait)

My friends and I were walking home from the movies. We were in Junior High at the time, so we were probably 13 years old. We thought we were tough. I remember walking past a construction site, and a lot of two by fours were lying around. But all the workers had gone for the day. It was just us kids.

As I walked by the piles of wood I yelled: "Hey Poltergeist, pick up a piece of wood and throw it!" Then my friends shouted the same thing. From out of NOWHERE, a large piece of wood flew across the construction site and landed at our feet! There was nobody, I mean NOBODY at all who could have thrown the wood, it was an invisible force! We ran faster then we had ever run in our lives. It was terrifying. We never talked about what had happened, because it defied logic. Perhaps a Poltergeist, a Ghost, or Demonic force had threatened us. That day I learned that the paranormal is nothing to take lightly.

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