Disturbing Behavior!


Bad Girl! Sucking up Starbucks Coffee, Smoking Cigarettes, Sending texts, all while driving are NOT recommended! Why are there so many people out there who think “Multi-Tasking” is something that should be done while driving? I have seen people weaving, slowing down to 25mph in a 45mph zone, not signaling, and erratically weave through traffic, all because they are trying to do this stuff  in their car…Oddly, in Arizona, talking on a cell while driving is NOT ILLEGAL. (In California, it is ILLEGAL.)

This photo was taken of me with a real cup of Starbucks, and a cell phone, but the cigarette is fake. (I was sitting in our driveway.) I have the fake cigarette stashed away with my other “Props”, in case I ever do my “Magic Act” again. The fake cigarette blows out realistic smoke, and I have actually fooled one or two people with it. I want you all to know I am not a smoker. (Enough about me.)

Anyway, I think that driving is serious business. I have been in two horrible accidents, and I would not want to risk another one by acting irresponsibly. What I would really like to see is the word get out about the risks of distracted driving. I have seen people steer with elbows, fingers or even their knees. This is probably safe if you are a crash test dummy, or a robot. It is s silly thing to do if you’re human. 

I want to thank my photographer, my husband LeRoi, who had patience to take so many pictures. We got about 12 of them before I yelled “CUT”. I really do think I should be a director. Perhaps that will be my next career move, what I do now would not pay enough to  cover the electric bill. 

My message is simple. NO MORE DISTRACTED DRIVING. Keep your eyes on the road. Avoid accidents. Safety First. Don’t give your Guardian Angels so much grief. Peace, Love and Serenity to all who read this.


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