Everything is in Bloom!


cactus bloomBelieve it or not, these gorgeous flowers are from a Cactus. I had to climb over rocks, cross a chain link fence, and walk up a very steep hill just to get this shot on my cell phone, but it was worth it. Even out here in ArizonaBEAUTY can spring from anywhere.

Life is like a cactus. You put up with the pricks, the harsh environment, and the feeling of isolation, and one day…. vibrant joy springs into your life. You need only look at the cactus, to get inspiration. Joy is just around the corner. You must be patient and wait…



4 thoughts on “Everything is in Bloom!

    • Thanks Gerta… Leroy got me the code for my modem, and now I am able to transfer photos from my cell. You helped me a great deal because I had no idea why it would not send pictures. This is easy stuff too, but I just could NOT figure out why I couldn’t do it. Next time, I will live in a place with good reception!

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