How to Scry and Why would you Try?


English: claude looking the crystal ball

English: claude looking the crystal ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Crystal BallWe all know what a CHRYSTAL BALL looks like, but do you know what to do with it ? Well you can put it in a window so that it catches the light. You can put in on your mantel and admire its beauty. However if you want to go “All Freaky” with it, you can try scrying.


What is scrying you may ask? This is a technique used by visionaries in order to seek visions. Another word for scrying is “SEEING”. This is a practice, when a person looks into a translucent ball or other material, in order to see a past, present or future event. Not everyone does this with a crystal ball. Crystals, stones, glass, mirrors and bowls filled with water can be used. Sometimes shamans (Or medicine men), use smoke or fire. By gazing into the objects, visions have been known to appear.


Sounds like a bit of fiction. However, this technique is used by some to connect to the “invisible Realms”. Some believe this is merely a bit of the “Scryers” imagination, or that their subconscious mind is taking over. Whatever the cause, the effect is the same. People who seek visions can get answers this way.


I tried it the other day. Usually I use automatic writing, but I thought I would try scrying. I merely closed my eyes, took deep breaths and relaxed. I was looking at the crystal a short time, and I saw myself at a park. There were children all around me, laughing and playing. The vision made about as much sense as me putting mustard on oatmeal. Then I thought about it more carefully. I really don’t know what I will be doing in six months. Nor, do I know where I will be visiting. It was a cool day, and I was at a gathering of some sort. It could have been a Birthday Party, Fourth of July picnic, or a scene from halfway around the world.


That’s enough about me. I want to know about YOU…. Have you had a vision lately? I believe we are entering into a new dimension of consciousness raising. People are becoming more aware of their spiritual connection to God. Let me know your thoughts and feelings on the matter. All comments are helpful and appreciated!  Many Blessings to you.        🙂




2 thoughts on “How to Scry and Why would you Try?

  1. Hello Marla, I never believed in angels until I read Billy Grahams book, “Angels, Angels, Angels”. In the book he reveals how often they are mentioned in the Bible. Now I know they are with us and watch over us constantly. I have had my own unique experiences with angels. The one I can’t figure out was the Archangel. They are like warriors, and have power we can only imagine. I suppose they appeared because I am part healer, and part warrior. (I spent a few years in the Military.) Weird…I was thinking about his only last night. Thank you for your comment. It would be interesting to me how you got interested in them. Perhaps a near-death experience?

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