It’s Heating up in Arizona


bulldog-on-iceI dread the weather when it starts getting HOT. I am so intolerant of the heat, that I have fans and cool air blowing even as we speak. It is the beginning of May and already things are heating up out here. For me, it is just miserable. By the time August hits, we get heat reaching 115 degrees. It can get hot enough to singe your nose hairs. Like the dog in this photo, I would do just about ANYTHING to keep cool. Sleeping on a bed of ice may very well become an option.

Tonight I saw on the news that Colorado, Minnesota, and other U.S. states are still getting snow! I’m sweating bullets and there is still snow hitting the ground? Crazy, just crazy. We can control lots of things, but diseases and the weather still has scientists scratching their heads. My mother used to say if you are hot, think COOL THOUGHTS…. Hey people, that is about as helpful as fanning myself with a Palm Leaf. Blowing hot air around, just makes you more sweaty.

I think they should invent a pill that will make you feel COOL in the heat. They already have a pill to help you quit smoking, one to make you sleepy, one to keep you awake, one or two dozen to calm you down, and even one for people who have an obsessive compulsive disorder. Why not a “Chill Pill?” I think the scientist who invents that should be given a medal, or better yet The Nobel Peace Prize! In my house we fight all the time about the bloody settings on the air conditioning unit. I keep reminding my husband that you CAN die of hyper-thermia in the summer months out here.

Statistically, you have a much more likely chance of committing a crime during the FULL MOON or, when it’s HOT, than you are when it’s COOL. I think our brains get frazzled in the heat. (This is not a medically proven theory.) However, just the thought of going out on hot days has me grumbling, and muttering to myself. I have to admit, I can get down right snarky!

I’m going to stop complaining now. There are plenty of people who live in Hot Climates that survive without air conditioning and fans.     I hear people say it all the time…The only thing they don’t add, is their “average” life expectancy is around 26 years! I am blessed that I have the ability to cool off. I have to stop writing now, I’m off to the market to get more ice.





6 thoughts on “It’s Heating up in Arizona

  1. As I got in my hot Phoenix car this afternoon, I shuddered, knowing the intense, overpowering, and draining heat is hovering, ready to descend on us.

    • Thanks Mona for the comment. I wish I could afford to be a “Snow Bird”, I would leave in May and come back at the end of October! We aren’t as hot as Phoenix, but let me tell you that in August, we match you guys on temps that soar to 115. The only relief is the Monsoons.

  2. I’ve been told it will get pretty hot around the end of May here. 90-95’s and up. I’m originally from Indiana and now living in Arkansas so I’m not sure I just won’t melt. I’m not a hot person and I hate the fact that I will have sweat running down my front where the sweat will accumulate in my bra like heavy balloons. heehee And I’ve already been warned to check EVERYTHING for scorpions. Ewwww. Not only will I have to take three or four showers a day. I might just have to share it with the scorpions. They can come up thru the drain.

    • Each year, it is harder to take the onslaught of heat. Believe me, it will affect your personality. (I used to be much nicer.) Anyway as far as scorpions are concerned , I believe them to be “In League” with the devil. I have been stung once, and rubbed salt on the wound, that seems to neutralize the poison. I also keep flat shoes on hand, that way I can smash them quickly. (I’m so glad I am not a full fledged Buddhist, I would have to let them live.) God Bless you Ann, out here you have to be tough!!

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