What is a Vortex?


hurricane on Saturn

Well I never thought I’d say this but this HURICAINE  is beautiful. It was taken by a satellite above Saturn. It looks like a swirling mass of angry clouds ready to wreak havoc on anything or anyone in its’ path. It is just another spectacle provided by Mother Nature that leaves us in awe. Luckily, the photo is clear, and we can see the magnitude and fury that it will soon unleash.

Speaking of fury and magnitude, just what is a Vortex? In Sedona Arizona, a lot is said about Vortex-Energy. They even have guided tours that explain just what a vortex is, and how it unleashes energy. What I don’t fully understand is, a Vortex can’t really be felt unless you are sensitive to it. I suppose I am not. What I do sense, or “feel”is the Spirit Energy of The Old Ones who once inhabited the area known as Sedona. I can’t walk into the canyons without seeing or sensing Native American Spirits. My husband thinks I’m a total wacko when I talk about it, and HE, himself, is Native American.

Once when I was in Boynton Canyon in Sedona, I could see and sense a large group of Ancient Indian Spirits who stood along the rim of the red rocks, gazing at us with a curious eye. It is as if they protect their land from trespassing tourists, even though they have passed on many years before. The Land is sacred to the Native Americans. Chief Seattle once said:  “No one can truly own the Land”. I think he meant that you can build a house anywhere, but the Land belongs to the people. We are responsible for keeping it pristine, and should respect the Land because it will be handed down to our ancestors. Pollution, Strip Minning, Fracking, and Over-populating any area is a destructive force. We should all learn to respect the Land.

I believe that when we are DISRESPECTFUL to the Land, Mother Earth fights back. The Earth is a Living Entity, and if disrupted can try to correct the destructive ways of humanity. Earth changes, such as extreme cooling and warming may be a direct result of man’s assault against The Earth. I hope and pray that soon all humans learn to correct the damage. Let’s try to remember, that Earth is a Sacred place. It is our legacy, one that will be given to future generations.


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