Vacation at the Beach


Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach (Photo credit: mschutt)

at aquariumVacations are loads of fun. This is ME, (In case you haven’t guessed) at the aquarium in Manhattan Beach California. The LAND SHARK stands in front of the entrance to the aquarium, and it provides a great photo-op”. Just goes to show you, that you can NEVER have too much fun at the beach. I grew up near the ocean, and I enjoy coming back once a year to hang out.

I really don’t like to read about other people’s vacations, because most of it can be boring, so I won’t go into the details of mine, for fear of putting you to sleep. Let’s just say I did take photos on my cell for use at a further date. Other than that, I spent time with my family and other than that, there isn’t anything to report.

As for the second photo, I have no idea what the guy on the board is doing. When I was young, water sports were confined to surfing…this guy has a PADDLE! I don’t get it…. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. Now they have windsurfing , kayaking, paddle boarding, and “Whatever” this guy is doing. (Seems like a slow way to get to Catalina Island!)

At the moment, I have locked myself in my dad’s computer room. I don’t know about you, but I need QUIET to type. I am the worlds slowest typist (About 25 wpm), & that is only if I get a tail-wind. I should have taken it in school, but my “Parental Units” didn’t feel it was a necessary skill…. NOW I WISH I HAD.

Please let me know where you go on vacation…. I think next we’ll venture to Colorado eventually. I love the mountains and Colorado has peaks that will astound you. They compare to Switzerland in their beauty and majesty. Wishing you the best guys and gals….


3 thoughts on “Vacation at the Beach

  1. Maybe it’s the only quiet time I get, but I adore silence. It helps me THINK. I wish I could do all this writing with a room full of people, but alas , I have tried it and failed. I admire people who can work amid the chaos around them….

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