Let’s talk about “The Real Men in Black”…



Men in Black: The Album

Men in Black: The Album (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MeninBlackHello to all that read this. Yes YOU are important to me. That is why I am going to speak about THE REAL MEN IN BLACK. I have a library full of UFO and abduction books and have read extensively about the subject since the late 70’s. (Yes, before many of you were born…You may have just been a gleam in your father’s eye….You were knee-high to a grasshopper…OK enough!) Of all the strangeness associated with the UFO reports, the incidents of Men in Black are by far the most bizarre.

If you are at all interested in the subject, I do recommend Jenny Randles book : “The Truth Behind Men in Black. Published in 1997, Jenny Randles takes you on a strange journey, and reports various appearances by Men in Black. Here is the odd scenario that has happened to many people who report a UFO sighting. After they report the sighting, they get a knock on the door. Two or three men in dark clothes who seem to have intimate knowledge of the incident appear. They look strange and they act even stranger, and before they leave they warn the people who witnessed the UFO’s not to talk about it.

These “Men In Black” DO NOT look like Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones. (That is a really clever & cute Hollywood fabrication.) In fact, there are many indications that MEN IN BLACK are NOT even humanoids! One group of Men in Black were offered Jello in a glass, and they tried to drink it! (I hate to think what they would do in the bathroom…) They are able to pass as humans, but only at a glance. I think if I saw one walk toward me, I would be compelled to run screaming in the opposite direction.

On one of the archived videos at YouTube, Dan Ackroyd talks about seeing strange men near his home in New York. His paranormal show was suddenly CANCELLED, and he had previously spoken to many researchers in the UFO field. So he was ready to divulge facts that the “MIB” might not want the public to hear. He saw these strange guys in front of his home, he glanced away for a fraction of a minute, and the car and the Men in Black had vanished. (Mr. Ackroyd stated that the entire scene , “Car and Men” might have been cloaked. ) I mean that freaked me out. If they don’t want you to hear or see something, they have power enough to stop you,AND vanish at will. (Gee wiz just like magic, whoosh! They are gone!!)

Here is an example of the way Men in Black are described…. They have very pale skin, no eyebrows, white hair and their lips may have been painted with a sort of lipstick or rouge to make their mouths LOOK human. They have robotic voices. Often the voice seems to be coming from the chest area, and not the mouth. When they walk they are very stiff, as if they have an arthritic condition. When you get close to them, you can tell that they have no facial hair what so ever. (Note: There is a medical condition known as alopecia universalis, where a human has NO body hair at all, but this is extremely rare.) So if ALL the Men In Black are like this, chances are, they are not from Earth.  ( Scary stuff!)

If I see a UFO, I will not report it. I would rather NOT encounter The Real Men in Black. (Will Smith, I would welcome with open arms.) It seems as if talking about Flying Saucers will just get you into trouble. Why take an unecessary risk? I think reading about MEN IN BLACK  is fine, but I do not think they WANT TO PARTY with the likes of me. I mean, I’m ONLY human for goodness sakes! Let me know how you would handle it… Inquiring minds WANT to know.


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about “The Real Men in Black”…

  1. After my sighting, I had the obligatory black helicopters fly over the house and “government agents” investigated the site. The weird thing that happened was when I moved quite quickly to Ohio – a late 60’s limo would drive on by my folks house – it would slow down but never come back out – they live on a dead end road. When reading “Mothman” similar incidents were reported – keep writing good stuff!

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