Cat on the “Prowl”


stick upSome people think that this is a cruel thing to do to a cat. Look more closely…. The Kitty obviously just broke into this guys apartment, because she is on the window sill. This is Ginger, the most clever CAT BURGLAR on the planet. Her claws are lethal, and her aim is exacting. You never want to meet Ginger in a dark alley, or certainly not on the window sill of your home. She is deadly. After this photo was taken, she lunged at the gun owner and clawed him until he screamed for his MOMMA! Now she wanted in five states for burglary, malicious mischief, and attempted murder.

Cats usually can’t be trusted, especially the way ol’ Ginger acted. Perhaps we can blame it on her early family life. Her mother and father never married, and after her first six weeks of life, she was left in a used car lot to fend for herself. She nearly got run over twice, but a Circus Clown found her, and taught her acrobatics and thievery. She took to thieving , like a duck takes to water.

Ginger loved Clive the Clown, because he fed her tuna and cupcakes, and taught her how to dance the Marimba. Those two were soon “Thick as Thieves“. Sadly, their relationship only lasted a few months. Clive was caught red-handed in a bank robbery, after attempting to rob a B of A. He resisted arrest, and when he pulled a water pistol on the cops, they returned fire. Unfortunately, the Po Po had real bullets in their guns. After Clive was killed in such a brutal fashion, Ginger became “Cat Crazy”.

Cat Crazy is a serious condition. She started to hit “The Cat Nip” pretty hard, and would lose all impulse control. That is when Ginger decided to rob houses and apartments. She would steal any pretty thing she could find, and she had a passion for cheap costume jewelry, and rose-colored panties. She never got rich as a burglar, but the “RUSH” of Breaking and Entering a home uninvited was an addiction that she thought she’d never lick. (Excuse the pun.)

Then one day she met “Tom” a muscular hunk of an Alley cat who stole her heart. Now they live in an abandoned warehouse, next door to a Fried Chicken franchise. They spend their nights rummaging through the alley dumpsters. They live and Prowl happily ever after with their hearts and stomachs full. I guess you could say, their life together is Purrrrfect.


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