I knew a Guy who “Ate” Fire…


Jester-Fire-EaterYes… I knew a guy who was a “Fire Eater“. Like the Jester in this photo. He ATE fire. Now for the “one-Liners” :  Boy, was he hot ! His career was really on FIRE ! His mamma used to say;”Don’t play with matches” & obviously he NEVER listened. When he got mad, he really got FIRED UP. Oh yeah baby, and I thought Mexican Food was Hot! He NEVER left a job, but he always got FIRED! When he and I met there was fire in his eyes….NO REALLY, there was FIRE in his eyes!

Okay enough bad One-Liners. This guy was a boyfriend, but it didn’t last long. (I guess he was BURNED OUT !) Ouch, seems that I can not stop. Actually his main “ACT” was as a Magician, and he did the fire eating as a side line. (Bet he was fun at barbeques.) Once I get started, I can’t stop the one liners. Our relationship was fun, but boy, he had a problem. Little did I know , I was his problem. He kept going to “Hollywood Parties” and NEVER invited me. (Is Hollywood Party a code for an Orgy?) I’ll never know, all I know is that we were Hot & Heavy one minute, and then He left town. I don’t know for certain, but he may have run away to join the Circus. (Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circuses love guys who are willing to set themselves ablaze.) It looks soooo pretty !

I actually know where he finally ended up. The guy ended up in Las Vegas (The third Rung of hell.) There are a bunch of “magicians” who end up in Vegas, because if you can’t make it BIG, you can always do a crappy lounge act for the drunk tourists. His act was really pretty good, but it wasn’t totally “Killer”. I’m sure he’s doing fine, when I knew him he was an up and coming act.

One night I was with him when a TV show wanted him to EAT FIRE. It was a windy night, and he should have REFUSED. (Fire and wind are not a good combination, especially when you are introducing your FACE into the mix!) Anyhow, he did the fire eating and by golly, the wind splashed lighter fluid and fire all over his face. He was burned my friends ! I felt really bad for him, and the crew, producers, and director of the show IGNORED the fact that he had a facial burn. (Ah…Hollywood, where dreams come true.) I really believe, that if they asked him to set his PANTS ON FIRE, he would have done it for a laugh. (Burn Centers just love guys like this.) I learned that night that this guy was a Media WHORE, yes I said it, Media WHORE. He would have done anything to get a shot at being famous. Luckily his burns were superficial, and he wasn’t horribly disfigured.

I don’t know anyone these days who EATS FIRE. My husband loves to eat raw Jalapeno peppers, but that’s a whole story for a different day. It is risky to be a FIRE EATER because they use “Lighter Fluid”, and it has been known to cause oral and esophageal cancers with over use. In other words boys and girls, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Risky behavior is just not what I recommend for anyone quite frankly. I believe the Body is a temple. One reserved for the Holy Spirit, not something you drown in Lighter Fluid!


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