Are we being “Brain Washed” ?


brain washed

I have written about brain washing before, but this time, I’m all fired up about it, so watch out! I keep hearing on the news about the “suspects” who left explosive devices at the Boston Marathon. The news teams keep interviewing people who say both young men were “Friendly, Nice, Intelligent… blah blah blah. Why do you suppose “good kids” go bad? They have been influenced by some nefarious individuals into believing killing is good. This is BRAIN WASHING. It goes on all day long, and most of us are blissfully unaware that it is happening to us. People please LISTEN UP, this is serious. People are inherently clever liars. We all must listen to what common sense is telling us, not the dictates of madmen. (By madmen, I refer to politicians, lawyers, misleading advertisers, extremist groups, religious fanatics, nuts, weenies, and jerks.)

Every day, when I turn on the television, use the internet, or listen to the radio, someone is trying to “SELL” me something. They want me to buy anything from Viagra(Got the wrong equipment for that to work), to which political candidate to choose, and then to add to my misery, they want me to buy some insurance that I really don’t need. I am bombarded daily by people trying to influence me into changing my hair color, laundry detergent, cologne, toothpaste, snack food, car, appliances, and yes , even what web site to visit. Even this “spell-check device” on my machine forced me to print WEENIES with three E’s, when I know damn well there are only two!

In the 1950’s, they used to place subliminal messages into ads at Movie Theatres, they would flash the word POPCORN or COLA on the screens. It was not picked up visually, but the subconscious mind responded. How? Popcorn and Cola sales went up 60% !!! Now if that doesn’t give you the “Creepy Crawlies”, think about this…. Perhaps they are still flashing subliminal messages at Sporting events, Theatres, on Television and on the Internet. This type of brain washing is NOT even illegal.

I once worked in the Medical field. My educational background is in nursing, and I have worked both front and back office for various physicians. What is happening to physicians now, did not happen twenty years ago. Patients are going to their doctors in record numbers, and requesting medication that they saw advertised on television. They might not even need the medication, but the TV has brainwashed them into believing that they do! Patients are making demands to physicians, not the other way around. It must be frustrating for doctors, after more than twelve years of medical training to be told what to do by their patients. The pharmaceutical companies have WAY too much power, and even invent diseases…Here are some: “Chronic Dry Eye”, “Shaky Leg Syndrome”, “Chronic Fatigue Syndromes”…well there are a lot of new diseases cropping up each day that DID NOT exist fifteen years ago, and it’s gotten out of control. I think if you really want some answers, your best bet is your doctor or Web MD.

I know I sound like a hopeless cynic. It can’t be all that bad. Think again people. Without even knowing it, we are getting manipulated by an industry that is using us like helpless lab rats. The only solution is to do independent research, and always get a second opinion when it comes to your health, medications, vitamin supplements, and other consumer purchases. Being well-informed, means staying happy…. and “Happy” is everything.Β 


4 thoughts on “Are we being “Brain Washed” ?

  1. It isn’t outlawed, it is legal. That’s why I’m bitter. I wonder if we can ever THINK for ourselves… Advertising is doing our thinking for us. Even McDonalds put an ad on one of my blogs! (I did not get a penny for the ad, not even a free soda.) Something is terribly wrong my friend.

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