People are like the Weather…


Funnel cloud

Funnel cloud (Photo credit: DocJ96)


I thought I’d share these great photos of  funnel clouds. We get this sort of swirling activity in Arizona, but rarely do we get full-blown tornadoes. If I were a meteorologist, I could probably tell you why, but alas, I am not. What I do know  however, is that they are coming. Summer is just around the corner, and soon “Tornado Alley” and other parts of the plains, will be full of tornadoes. That is just a fact of life. I also know that they are hard to predict, that is why they have “Tornado Chasers” hunting them on the ground. (If you watch the Weather Channel, you know what I’m talking about.)

Another thing that is unpredictable is human behavior. If people were predictable, we would always be safe. But people are notoriously unpredictable. Let me give you an example. I live in a small town. If I decided to swing a dead cat ANYWHERE in a crowd of people here, I would hit a CRAZY person. On average, there are one in three LUNATICS out there among the more “normal” of us. I put normal in quotes because I’m not sure what the normal is. I have seen people in this town do some pretty weird things. For instance we have the usual schizophrenics who live in the bushes and talk to themselves, but we also have the crazy grannies that will scream at you for no reason, and the senile old men that like to “rub” up against you in a crowd. (I am not making this stuff up.)

Then, there are the ones in Sedona. Sedona is a town that attracts the demented like a giant magnet. I met a lady that says that she sees UFO’s from her backyard porch EVERY night! I met a man who believes he is a shaman, but he isn’t, he just says that to sell his tours to the naive people who come to visit from all parts of the world. I have met people who say they are PSYCHIC, and they can’t give a reading WITHOUT a deck of Tarot Cards. (That smacks of deception. ) A real psychic can read you when you walk through the door. Then there are the aura readers who have fancy cameras that show you glowing colors around your head… People please be warned, your aura can change at any moment, and it just tells you what kind of mood your are in at the present time. (Don’t fall for it.) Sedona has a reputation for “The Wooo Wooo Factor”. That means crazy people seem to grow on trees out there.

I really should not be so hard on the people in Sedona, I mean we “Flat-landers” that surround Verde Valley are no “Angels”. I have had people yell at me in the grocery stores for no reason. I had a woman scream at me in her shop “To Leave because she was Busy!” (I couldn’t leave because I was purchasing some of her Over-Priced “Art Works”.) They can be very Bi-Polar in this Arizona heat. At times I don’t know if they are legitimately nuts, or they are reacting to stress. What ever they are RUDE is their middle name.

I have predicted that people were going to start going crazy at alarming rates. My predictions go largely un-noticed because I think I have a following of three…or is it four? There is a definitely changes in behavior, that I have observed among many people here. We are experiencing a sort of dimensional shift, that seems to be apparent only to me. If ANYONE reading this agrees with me, let me know. I often consider that it may be ME going quietly insane, and everyone else is OK. The only good thing about losing your mind is, you are the only person who doesn’t notice it. I am not even sure how to describe a dimensional shift, except that you feel things are not quite “right” and you may have a light-headed feeling sweep over you. (Gee wiz, I just described Low Blood Sugar !)  Please give me some comments… I need all the support I can get. Thanks!!


6 thoughts on “People are like the Weather…

  1. That is the freakiest thing I have ever seen. Where the heck did they get a sloth? He is totally molesting that cat!! (At first I thought it was a Parasitic Twin…. ewwww ) The internet gets freakier by the minute.

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