Robots on the Attack!


Robbot attacksJust when you think it’s safe to leave the house, Robots are on “The Attack”. As you can see by this video, NOTHING can stop the little buggers from going all freaky on innocent people. Is there an end to their senseless rampages?

Just today, in the Wal-Mart parking lot I saw two robots attack one another. It seemed they had a dispute over a parking spot, and started pushing each other around. (YOU KNOW HOW RUDE ROBOTS ARE !) After the “shoving match”, they started to throw punches. Two innocent bystanders were injured as well as an off duty policeman.

President Barack Obama issued this statement : “We are not sure WHO the robots are, but we are going to track them down. If we find them, they will be subjected to rudeness by my staff, and sent to Guantanamo where they will be water-boarded. I am well aware that water-boarding is torture, but this only applies to humans. These are ROBOTS and they have no humanity. So I’ll say once more, the Robots who have blatantly attacked innocent people in parking lots, will be punished severely. In fact, if we catch ANYONE talking to a Robot, THEY will be in trouble. I have sent a bill to congress that makes Robots illegal in the United States. So if you have one of those Robo- Vacuums at home, throw it out NOW! We will not tolerate any Robots no matter the size, shape, or ability to lift dust.

I just don’t know what to think. So many of us like Robots, we just don’t understand their behavior. Like Professor Edgar Grimsley of Harvard was quoted as saying : “They build our automobiles, they operate machinery, but I wouldn’t introduce one to my daughter!”  While I can understand his rage, I think Professor Grimsley is a bit “Robo-Racist”. Why punish all, for the sins of a few?



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