I knew a guy who could read my mind…


long-haired dudeI don’t know the year, and I don’t remember his name, but I did know a guy who could read my mind. He was adept at telepathy. This photo isn’t the guy…. Yet the photo I picked resembles him. He was an artist who painted large murals, like the ones on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. I remember him because he finished sentences for me, BEFORE I was finished.

I am speculating, but he could have been a time traveler, an alien, or some kind of new species of human. I’ve been around a lot of people, known quite a few, but he is the only guy that could “Read My Mind”. I didn’t think his ability was very strange until I thought about him one day. We lost touch after his father passed away. He kind of vanished into thin air. (Perhaps he met with his space brothers and returned to Alpha Centauri or The Pleiades…)

I can only imagine why I did not react when he started reading my thoughts. Looking back, I did not even question how he was able to do it. It wasn’t like we were very close. One day I told him about a dream I had, and how real it seemed. I told him, that in the dream I met a man with a German last name… Before I told him the name, he blurted out : “Weingartner?” I replied “Yes!” That was the name in my dream. Now this particular name is not common. I’ve only come across one Weingartner in my life. It had to be a telepathic ability that he had. Either that, or in the near future, I will meet This Weingartner character, and he and I will invent a anti-gravity machine, then both of us will be linked in History. People will go back-in-time to meet us. { This scenario is NOT plausible } …

I think I can “read” people too, but not in a specific way. I can tell what they are feeling, thinking, and planning,  just by looking at the expressions on their face. We ALL do this on some level. Like with Poker players, they all have some sort of “tell” ( A sign that they are bluffing). However, once in a “Blue Moon” a person comes along, with a dead-pan expression, ala “Tommy Lee Jones” and you really can’t tell what they are thinking. He has a classic “Poker Face”.

There are a lot of psychic talents that can be taught, however telepathy is NOT a “learned” talent, it is an inherent gift. Thought transference is the way many alien species communicate. I know this because, it is mentioned in books that describe “Alien Abduction”. The human brain has not quite developed to the point where telepathy is part of our basic communication skill set. I wish we could somehow learn it, that way we would not have to speak all the time, neither would we have to write everything down, we would just “KNOW”. (It would save us time, effort, energy, and paper !)


5 thoughts on “I knew a guy who could read my mind…

  1. Kay

    I met a man in 2006 whom called himself Moe. I don’t remember to much about him he was in his late 20’s I think, in medical school and lived between both Michigan and Ohio. He always knew when I lied and would make comments to let me know he knew the truth but didn’t just come out and say it… well one day I was looking out the window of the 4th floor waiting on a ride, he came up and said hey, do you wanna play a game? I said naw but he. pulled me by my hand out the window and onto a sofa in our hotel roomand told me he wanted to show me something… He told me to think of a color, a name, and a number but dont tell him then then write something down… afterwards he gave me the paper which said everything correctly and the odd nane spelled correctly. I asked how he did it and he told me he can read minds… I didnt belive him so to prove himself he would answer my questions without me asking them, just thinking of them. I had fun we would go to the mall and he would read minds and he woul tell me stories about how his girlfriend never knew he could read minds and he knew she cheated on him.. he also would tell me things about my childhood… things I fogot and-or thingsI never told nobody.. I got freaked out after a while and stop talking to him…. never seen him again but will never forget about him. once thought that stuff was fake but I now know it is real.

    • I can do some mind reading, but not everyone is easy to read. We all put up walls. People lie about all kinds of weird stuff, so they are very hard to read clearly. If this Moe character was as intuitive as you say, he sounds scary. I think this ability may be God-given, or even inherited.
      Thank you for sharing your story. Also, I should mention that people who have had NEAR-DEATH experiences often notice that their intuitive powers are heightened. I know that because I have read several books on “Life after Death”. Once a person has gone to the “Other Side” , they NEVER experience life on Earth in quite the same way. So much of Spirituality is like unchartered territory, if one hasn’t experienced it, then it is difficult to comprehend.

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