Things that I find FASCINATING…



I often wonder what animals find fascinating. When my husband tries to kiss me, my dog tries to “BREAK US UP”, he barks and wedges his body between us. He acts like kissing is an illegal move! I find it fascinating that my dog is so jealous… Hmmmm.

I find other things fascinating, like the fact that men think fart jokes are funny, and women find the entire subject revolting. I find that men laugh when people fall down, and woman look worried and run to help whomever fell. I really think men’s brains are wired differently than women’s brains. Women have a tendency to nurture, and men have a tendency to torture. I mean come on…. Vladimir the Impailer he got a kick by sticking the heads of his enemies on spikes. Women are much more likely to talk you to death then do that.

Okay, women are NOT perfect. Lucretia Borgia was known for poisoning people she didn’t like. Lizzie Borden showed no self-restraint when it came to wielding an ax. Oh and lest we forget Lorena Bobbitt, who cut off her husband’s member, then threw it in a vacant lot. Most women, show remarkable restraint when it comes to revenge. It is true with most violent crimes, men are more likely to commit heinous acts than women. I find that fascinating. Could too much testosterone be to blame? A lack of moral boundaries? Perhaps I should ask Dr. Phil…

I think it’s fascinating, that they want to ban super-sized sodas in New York, but they won’t give a thought to putting a warning label on fast food. (Greasy, Fatty, Gooey food gets a thumbs up?) Isn’t it fascinating that the entire country is talking about gun control, and no one is speaking up about helping the “Mentally Challenged?” I am stunned and fascinated that this limited thinking comes from some of the most educated among us…. “Political Leaders”. 

I also find it fascinating that our local news in Arizona reports everything  BUT  the “news”. If I want to hear about how people think, I turn to TWITTER, and if I want to hear what educated America feels, I go to WordPress. I certainly don’t think looking at glum Ms. Jody Arias needs one more second of airtime. She killed her boyfriend, she shows no remorse, she should go to prison. I have been watching her sorry ass for about three months on the five, and six o’clock news. I mean come on people….She choked him, stabbed him, shot him, slapped him, punched him. The ONLY thing she didn’t do was hang him. What’s her defense? “HE RAPED ME”… (Good Grief, Charley Brown.) Perhaps he did, but her reaction was to Kill? What was this broad on anyway testosterone??

I am fascinated at how many drug commercials are on TV now. The worst one where a guy has “Low T“, or lacks the maximum testosterone level. He only has to go to the medicine cabinet, pour a cup of the stuff into a tiny cup, and jam it under his pitts. (Arm pitts that is.) Will it ever end? Oh and why are we forced to watch the Cialis Commercials? The two people gazing longingly into each others eyes… What did we do before Cialis and Viagra? I tell you what we did, my fascinated readers. We took the time for “FORE-PLAY”.( For you young people,  FORE-PLAY has nothing to do with golf.)

These young people will never know how fascinating things once were. We actually took the time to figure stuff out. We did our own research, and went to a mythical place they call a library. We once did not have the internet to do our thinking for us. We were free to use the organ known as a brain. A lot of us were confused, but at least we still our imagination intact. That is what I wish for all of you, “People of the Internet”… Be Creative, use your imagination, and allow yourself to be fascinated.

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