Are you out of your “freakin’ ” Mime ?


mimeYes… I asked it. Are you out of your “Freakin” MIME? I think the world has gone crazy and I will be listing a few reasons why things make little sense lately, and why people are “LOOSING IT”. I kind of like mimes, but the world treats them like they are distasteful. For instance , in the Movie “TootsieDustin Hoffman‘s character sees a mime in the park and pushes him down. The reaction of the mime is priceless, and it is one of the funniest scenes in the film. Why pick on a mime? I met a mime, he’s very talented, from Kentucky, and still doing “gigs”. His name is Marty Polio, so if you ever hear the name, he’s worth going to see. (He’s a very funny guy.) I digress….

Here are some of the reasons people are going “Bonkers”. First, I blame the economy. People are losing jobs, and the kids graduating from college can’t find employment. They keep telling us on the news channels that new jobs are being created, but there are never enough jobs for those people who have been looking for years. So many people, including myself, have been passed over for employment over and over, that we have STOPPED looking. I have a job part-time only because my friend hired me. It doesn’t pay much, but it’s something. (In a small town you take what you can get, and never complain.) Without employment, people lose their homes, they can’t feed their kids, and they feel useless… I know, because I have been there.

Another thing that is driving people crazy is the price of EVERYTHING. Let me explain… A week or so ago, I went to Office Max to buy a pad of paper. Not a large pad, mind you, but a 3 inch by 5 inch scratch pad. Last year, I could get them for a buck. Now, they have sky-rocketed to 3 dollars per pad. What? I had to go to the DOLLAR STORE to buy them at Last years prices. Now that’s just paper. Food, gas, entertainment, shampoo, contact lens solution, dog food, grooming supplies (Human & Dog), visits to the doctor, trips to the Vet, Hotel rooms…. well you get it, EVERYTHING has gone way up in price. Last night, they told us the Post Office (A branch of the Federal Govt. is in deep debt.) That means our FOREVER STAMPS will need an extra penny or two to be worth the price we paid. I have to add that “Dollar Stores” are going to have to re-name themselves as “Dollar sixty-nine” stores.

The only people not feeling depressed are the very wealthy. I can’t remember when I DID NOT HAVE TO COUNT my money BEFORE I walked into a store. I have to give up a lot of things I was growing accustomed to, because I just can not afford to buy them. I don’t drive my car much because getting gas is a costly item. (Next time I buy a home, it will be close to a market.) Just getting around town is a worry. This is getting ridiculous. Just think about the mentally ill or mentally challenged. They have the same worries I do, but without the coping mechanisms. The Crazies are getting crazier… Who do I blame? I think that the “Politician’s” should spread the wealth. Before lining the pockets of Government Officials, they should do what they promised. Change? Remember the Change campaign? (Oh I have your change buddy…it adds up to about 97 cents! )


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