Scammers in Sedona


Devil's Arch, Sedona

Devil’s Arch, Sedona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sedona is the most beautiful place in the world. Annually, thousand of tourists flock to the area, fill the hotels, go on “Jeep Tours”, Helicopter Rides, and climb the gorgeous Red Rocks. Some are looking for the famous vortexes, that reportedly give off a special energy. We drive there periodically to  gaze at the beauty of the rocks, and have been known to hike the trails. Never, I mean never, did I suspect that people would come there to scam the locals. I mean aren’t people more sophisticated and worldly than that? (Maybe not.)

This afternoon I met with a couple of British “PRODUCERS” of a BBC television show. (At least that is what I was told.) I was called twice by a woman named Joan, (NOT HER REAL NAME.) Joan told me to meet her at a local Santa Fe Hotel, where I was told they wanted to film people who had seen UFO’s in Sedona. When I was getting ready to leave, Joan called. She said: “We changed the location of the filming.” Then, she directed me to yet another hotel.  That was weird, why the sudden change of film location? Something was up. I finally got to Hotel #2, and the desk clerk had NO CLUE about the filming. He did know that someone reportedly was renting the conference room. Weird again. I got there BEFORE anyone showed up, there were no cameras set up and NO Producers. Finally, a twenty-something girl, and thirty-something guy showed up saying they were from British TV. I tried to engage them in conversation, but they told me I was early, and blew me off. I said I would be back in an hour. (Not too professional for employees of the BBC.)

In an hours time, a boat-load of ancient people filled the lobby. Average age: 85. OK, there are a lot of retired people in Sedona, but really, it looked like a geriatric hospital. When I was contacted about speaking about UFO’s I told her I was a “RESEARCHER”, and assumed I would be given a one on one interview. Apparently, she just doesn’t know how to take notes. I grabbed the producer, and in a very direct way stated: “Before I leave, I just want to know are you doing one on one interviews, or a large group interviews?” He looked like a mouse caught in a trap: “Oh we are doing a Group Interview”. I have watched HUNDREDS of UFO shows on television, YouTube, and on other video feeds. Guess what? THEY ONLY DO ONE ON ONE, NEVER GROUP INTERVIEWS. So here’s the set-up. There were NO CAMERAS, NO ORGANIZATION, NO DIRECTION, only a group of Elderly people. I know they are going to film a group of silly looking people talking about “LIGHTS in the SKY”, then cut away, and have a Scientist proclaim : “This is a desert community, the weather is hot and dry, they are seeing “Plasma Balls” not UFOs. The old people are being scammed. Sadly, they are not getting paid either, and when the footage airs, they will look like complete DORKS!!! The only people who will be paid are the ones with degrees in Science. I have noticed over the years that UFO shows are biased, and almost always side with the scientists who proclaim: “Mis-Identification” and Swamp Gas are the culprits, NOT  U.F.O.’s.

I left the area with my dignity intact. They could be making a student film, and lying to us about working with the BBC (British Broadcasting Company). I saw no credentials, no equipment, no cameras, and met no one who had even a glimmer of professionalism. What were they going to take video footage with?? An I-Phone ??? When I left the Hotel Lobby, I saw the so-called “Producer” smoking a “Ciggie” outside. (He looked a little nervous.) I would be too, if I were pulling the wool over someone’s eyes! So many things just did not add up.

I have met a lot of Europeans over the years. The average European thinks that Americans are the most gullible people on Earth. Many come to the States with the express purpose of taking advantage of “Rich Americans”. Sedona is also home to some of the wealthiest citizens in the United States. Many don’t live in homes, they live in Estates and Huge Mansions. If you are going to take advantage of  Wealthy Seniors, this is the perfect place to be. I am from the school of “Hard Knocks”. I have been manipulated, lied to, and promised “Air Time” from a variety of television and industry people. When they are not forth-coming about interviews, people should be PO’ed. They should question what is going on and who is running the show. If you are NOT offered any money for your time, well it may be a student film, or LOW – BUDGET segment of a terrible show that may never go on “Air”. Worse yet, it could be filmed, then shelved, never to see the light of day.

Note: If they really were from the BBC…remind me NEVER to watch British television.


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