Just what is Synchronicity?



Carl-Jung-mod (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

shocked woman

Synchronicity is a fascinating thing to behold. It happens when two “seemingly” unrelated events come together in perfect harmony. Some even believe this is The Language of God, and others believe the universe is speaking directly to them. When it does happen, it can really shock you into the reality, that we are all connected.

Today I experience a synchronistic event. I was making the rounds of the weekend garage sales in our area. There was a lovely woman there talking about The After-Life I really didn’t want to join in necessarily, but my husband offered a story about his recently “departed” mother. After a while, I joined in on the conversation. I took a piece of paper out of my purse, with 2 Book Titles; “Proof of Afterlife” by Eban Alexander, and “Dying to be Me” by Moorjani. The lady at the garage sale could not believe the synchronicity. Not only had Ms. Moorjani recently spoke to her Spiritual Group, but Eban Alexander, was soon going to be a speaker there also. It was synchronicity that I even had the titles in my purse, and more synchronicity that both authors will be soon coming to our small community. Weirdly enough, I never carry the paper in my purse, it just so happened, that my husband that handed me the piece of paper two weeks ago. (He was hoping Costco would carry the books).

Carl Jung, the famous psychologist coined the term synchronicity. He needed a word to describe how the universe allows things or people to connect. Jung also believed that synchronicity proved that there is order in the universe. He also believed that this occurs, when a strong need arises in the psyche of an individual. Actually, I have recently been thinking about  “Journeys to the Other Side” and have been reading a book by the same title. (Yet another synchronicity working in my life.)

What I find so fascinating about Carl Jung is, that I often believed that his theories about the human mind to be correct. Jung believed that clairvoyance should also be considered a synchronic event, as well as dreams and visions. I have only had one or two clairvoyant episodes in my life. The most profound was in college. I had a really big crush on a guy in the music department. (I was in the Theatre Program and we shared adjoining classrooms.) One day when I was at work at the dry cleaners, I actually saw the guy I was infatuated with( in my mind) as clearly as you would watch a YouTube video. He was crossing the parking lot to visit me at work, and pulled up in a blue VW “bug”.  (It gets better.) A week later, I had met him, and we went on a date, and he picked me up in a blue VW “bug”! (Prior to that day, I had no clue what kind of car he drove.) That was synchronicity at its’ finest.


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