Time Travel …. The Good , The Bad, and the Unpredictable


guy sleepingWhat if I decided to figure out this whole TIME TRAVEL stuff, and when I landed, I hit the wheel well of a rather large and clumsy looking Jeep? This guy is either very creative, lost his bed in a fire, or had the wrong coordinates when he was “Time-Traveling”. The good news is, he does look peaceful. I don’t have any other ways to explain this photo. It’s weird.

Another strange hypothesis is that we can one day travel through time, as easily as going to the grocery store. Even I, have listened to tapes of people calling Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM, and they swear they are time travelers from the FUTURE. Really? Future indeed. Wrap your brain around this. What if our unpredictable world exists on three or four levels of reality at once? What if you traveled to the future and back, but got lost in a separate reality?? The answer would be: YOU ARE SCREWED, GLUED and ROYALLY TATOOED.

Think about this one, if you are from the future why would you go to the past? Why wouldn’t you go to the FUTURE, when people have learned to be more calm, less violent, and more open-minded about these things. The guys that call radio stations, aways go BACK in time, not forward. But then again, since forward hasn’t happened yet, how is it possible? None of the Time Travelers seem to be very bright. If you had a time machine, which would you pick ? (With dinosaurs and violent psychopaths, or Calm peaceful Buddah  like beings who will never judge you?) Seems like a NO-BRAINER to me…

The whole concept of Time Travel makes no sense. Think about it. If you go back to a date in time when you did NOT exist, then you will not exist there. If you go to the future, you won’t exist there either. It seems like the only way to “Travel in Time” is to be dead, and let your spirit body do the traveling. Only 75% of you believe in Life After Death anyway, so 25% of you are now feeling left out. Maybe I am completely wrong, but every scenario I can think of  is full of  possible dangers, both seen and unseen.

Even Science Fiction writers approach the subject of  “Time Travel” like it was some Fantastic Fun Ride at Disneyland or Magic Mountain. I frankly, think the mere thought of traveling through time, in a place I do not belong is suicidal. You certainly know how humans behave. They see someone who “Looks” or “Acts” different, they are perfectly willing to shoot them first, and ask questions later. If I go to the “Old West” they’ll get me with a “Six-Gun”, if I go to the “Future” they’ll hit me with a “Ray Gun”. Neither scenario is worthy of future investigation.



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