The MAGIC of Trees


TreesTrees are magical. I want to share a couple of stories about trees so you too, can share the magic that trees have to offer us. The first story, although it seemed unbelievable, stirred my curiosity. The second story happened to me personally.

In Africa, certain tribes have “Rites of Passage”, that all  male members participate in, when they reach a certain age. They send the young males out to camp for three or four days, next to a tree. Apparently, they boys are instructed to hug the trees, and get a “VISION” or “MESSAGE” from the tree. When the local Shaman comes to check on the boys, they tell the Shaman what the tree has communicated to them.

After two days the boy just had not gotten a thing from the tree, but he wanted to go home to his village so he made something up. He told the Shaman that the tree told him “To be strong” or some other nonsense, and the Shaman didn’t believe him. So he sat by his tree for another night. When the boy was ready to give up all together, he started communicating with the tree. He hugged the tree and asked it for answers. In a motherly voice, the tree spoke: “I am your mother, you care for me, and I will help you.” The boy was stunned because HE NEVER BELIEVED THE TREE WOULD SPEAK. The Shaman returned, and heard his story, and knew the boy had spoken to the tree. It was then, that he was allowed to go back home.

Two years ago, I had a similar experience. I was hiking with my husband in a remote area of Northern Arizona. My husband slipped while rock climbing and sprained his ankle. He asked if I could find a tree branch, so he could use it as a crutch. Hopping out of the canyon, on one foot would have been impossible. So I went on a search for a large branch. The only trees around were cypress trees. There was one tree that looked dead, so I decided to pry one of its branches off.  However, I have trained with a medicine man, and before I grabbed the branch I asked permission to use one of its branches. I asked a silent prayer: “I ask permission to use your branch to help my husband.” Also I was thinking to myself, “Is this tree alive?” As I touched the tree, I heard a woman’s voice say: “I am alive!”

I am not prone to hallucinations. I wasn’t high on any illegal substance, yet a woman’s voice spoke to me softly. Then I recalled the story about the African boys’ experience. He too heard the “Motherly Voice”. There is a protective and loving voice that comes from the trees. I was blessed that day, because I heard the tree speak. All one has to do is ask, and the take the time to listen.



2 thoughts on “The MAGIC of Trees

  1. I’ve been on a learning journey and the other day it was still pretty chilly here in Arkansas. I’m going thru a divorce and I am living with my mom. Well, we usually have firewood that’s been cut by my brother. And we had used up all that we had for winter and since we have fallen tree branches all around us. I dreaded it but went to the road across from us where some nice pieces had been cut by the tree trimmers for the power lines. It was right there at the edge and the land is not lived on. But something inside me to say out loud “thank you for this wood your supplying for me. It will keep me and my mom warm.” I didn’t hear anything back but I know that all around us is energy. And it heard me. That is the first time I’ve ever done anything like that.

    • I know it sounds kind of crazy, but if you connect with Nature, just like the Native Americans used to do, you can sense energy of all living. Good luck on your journey…all things get better with time. You write beautifully, thanks for the response Marla!

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