Justin Bieber got a MONKEY ?


Capuchin monkeyI saw on the News last night that Justin Bieber, “Boy Singer” just got a new pet monkey. According to experts in the pet world, “Pet Monkey” is an oxymoron. They are monkeys, but they don’t make good pets. Ohhh

Monkey yawning

Monkey yawning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 sure they are cute, but according to my research, if you want to be a “Happy Camper”, get a sensible domestic pet., ie; a dog, cat, rat, gerbil, rabbit, NOT a monkey.

Here are some of the reason why zoos and animal shelters are full of monkeys. It is ILLEGAL in many states to own one. In Tennessee, you can own a small monkey, but it is ILLEGAL to own an ape. (So chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas are out of the question.) An ape, when it reaches puberty, can go crazy on you, and some have the strength to kill a man easily. (Much like living with Hannibal Lecter.) Monkeys…allllll  monkeys can get easily bored, and may have a “Temper Tantrum”. That means they can “trash” your house, then come after you. 

SPOILER ALERT TO ALL WHO HAVE MONKEYS: If you do own a “PET” monkey, and it is illegal in the state where you reside, someone can turn you into the authorities. If this happens, and you get caught, the “Powers that be”, can destroy your monkey. (That means that your innocent pet will get the “Gas Chamber”.) If that isn’t enough to handle, you can be summoned to court, and fined. 

Remember, they are cute, but they are also so smart, fast, strong, and when provoked, will bite. Here is a formula to remember: 




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