What in the heck is happening? Geek Wars??


NerdOkay all you brilliant programmers out there….what happened to my PC last night   ?  It totally freaked me out. I lost entry into all my programs, web pages, and lost my EXPLORER icon? Was this a hack job, or what? I can’t believe this. It took about 13 hours to get into my WordPress Blog, and now I am wondering if the Google/Microsoft battle caused this glitch. I can’t get back a lot of what was lost, so I’m really confused, flummoxed, and angry. I heard that there was a battle over who is in control, but I wonder why they think screwing with our Internet is worth it. Have these guys heard of Karma?

I have completed a scan of my computer, and apparently, nothing is wrong. Okay…. you can just wipe out data, icons, email accounts and then say “There’s NOTHING with your computer?? Let me tell you something people, I’m so tired of trying to fix the problems myself, and getting people trying to sell me other stuff I don’t want or need. The whole thing seems like a gigantic scam. I walked away from the net 15 years ago because of unsolicited porn, scam, and a boatload of stupidity, and now I have the same gnawing feeling.  I don’t want to get back on the boat if it’s gonna SINK LIKE THE FREAKING TITANIC. 

Now I have these creepy ads saying I have 2.5 million viruses and it needs fixing. Fix what? Every time I try to fix things, I get more ads, ads, ads…. I don’t remember this much junk 15 years ago. Con men, they have it made. Every idiot has a computer, and they are preying on the weak of the “herd”. Like lambs to the slaughter, many are tossing money to the wolves because they are told they have a dirty PC. My PC is squeaky clean, thank you very much! What a total scam.

Boy, I feel great. I ranted. I spilled my rage. I feel like Ben’s Bitter Blog now. If one more twit messes with me, he/she will feel my wrath.If anyone can give me a clue what’s going on with this “Geek War”, let me know. There has to be SOME BODY who knows the scoop, and if I can prevent these cyber shenanigans in the future. Thanks in advance. Peace to all who care. 🙂




  • Scams (afriendofjesus2013.com)
  • Hacked! (cozybegone.wordpress.com)

3 thoughts on “What in the heck is happening? Geek Wars??

  1. I learned from “The Master”… ( That’s Ben ! ) You make us all laugh. Remember, “When a bored woman laughs, ANOTHER angel gets its’ wings. (From: “It’s a Wonderful Lite”). For those of you who don’t drink beer or watch films, it’s really puny.

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