My Cattle Dog is CRAZY


Heeler yawn

I own a Cattle dog who is a bit strange. They are unpredictable as a breed, and part Dingo(Australian Wild Dog), so they are a lot different from your average domestic dog. This animal is also known as a Queensland Heeler, and sometimes if grey, called Blue Heelers. Some people even refer to them as “Velcro Dogs”, because they never leave the side of their master. Mine generally sticks to me like glue, and stalks me with a tennis ball in his mouth. All he wants to do is PLAY, PLAY, PLAY…. It can be exhausting, not for him, but for me.

I met a young woman in Sedona Arizona who actually said to me: “I am an animal intuitive, I read the mind of dogs.” I raised my eyebrows in disbelief and said: “I understand my dog too. He only has 8 levels of thought. They are: Food, Run, Ball, go Outside, Poop, Pee, A dreaded Cat, and Sleep.” It is a simple life, and God Bless him, he deserves it. He gives me the unconditional love I’ve always wanted. My “Good Boy” never judges, and never looks at me with a critical eye.

However, be forewarned these dogs are weird. My dog sits at the pantry door, where HE KNOWS the food source is, and he grunts like a pig. I am serious he snorts when he wants food. If he is bored, he gives me a deep whine, and he stares at the door. If my husband and I are talking a lot he lets out a mournful sigh…. THAT MEANS SHUT-UP ! If he gets excited he give one yip, and that means he is having fun. Oh, and if I throw the ball in a direction that he hasn’t predicted, he growls like he is exasperated. It’s funny to watch and sometimes he has me laughing.

Lately, he gets “physical” with his play. He is only a 55 lb. dog, but he can push me over, and even knock me down. These animals are used to working with cattle and horses, and they are tough. Heelers are a herding dog, and will get really frustrated when a group of people split up. When my husband takes a nap, he lays by the door, until he wakes up. He keeps tabs on us at all times. If you are paranoid at all, and it gives you the creeps to be followed, DO NOT GET A QUEENSLAND HEELER ! (Your paranoia will become real.) I really don’t mind, I think it’s fun to be needed. He’s our boy, strange or not, we love him.


16 thoughts on “My Cattle Dog is CRAZY

  1. Thanks for the comment Ben. I have never had a dog before, and I think I picked a real neurotic one, but I love him dearly. I have a heavenly guided secret… Dog spelled backwards is G O D. (I don’t think that’s an accident.)

      • I’m in Kentucky. I have some horse farm friends that bred them as working dogs for their horses…but my heeler didn’t know a thing until 18months old, and then any time he saw a horse with bright white markings, he brought them to me, and then wouldn’t let them leave (which was difficult when I didn’t want that particular horse!). So, he’s a house dog, and he loves my 1 and 2 year old kids. He nudges baby swings, fetches tennis balls and lays down for them to toss them, keeps them herded into our yard. I’m impressed he’s made the transition from herding animals to humans!

      • Amazing dogs those heelers. They have the “Herd or Die” instinct. My dog bear adores his tennis balls, and sleeps with them in his mouth! (Thanks for the response Amanda!) I really enjoy your blogs….

  2. I have a heeler also. He is a great dog. Follows me EVERYWHERE. If I’m in the room he is right next to me, if I get up off the bed just to turn the light off he jumps up like he is making sure I am okay. Hr won’t follow the kids around or my husband just me and the funny thing is he is my father in laws dog but I guess he is really mine. When I met him over 2 years ago I thought he was a mean dog, every time someone pet him he would growl at them but his tail would be wagging and if you stopped he would nug you for more and still he is like that. We call it purring though it scares me sometimes. I live in Arizona and sometimes its just him and I so I feel good I have my protector even though he has one eye(horse kicked him) I love my bandit

    • Heelers are a strange breed. Mine can growl for no reason, and he nips, but DOES NOT BITE. You have to remember they are part “Dingo” so they have a lot of WILD-BEAST in them. They are the most fiercely loyal dog you can own. I am honored to have a Queensland Heeler. Thank you so much for the comment. I appreciate the feedback!

    • Good news, they grow out of it. When they get older, you can stop them from nipping the pant legs with a firm “NO!” My husband “allows the dog to grab his pants and had permanent holes in his jeans… I am the “Alpha” so he does NOT DARE do this to me. I mean, come on, I’m not a cow!! Enjoy your dog, they are the smartest dogs out there because of their “wild cunning”, not present in most pets!

  3. CathyLu

    I adopted a blue heeler mix last year. She is my first dog and has been a bit of a handful for me as she has a ton of energy and some quirky behaviors. All those quirky behaviors have come to be the things I love most about her though, even if they are not always easy to control. For example, when I am about to feed her or take her out, she gets so excited that she takes her favorite squeaky toy and runs around the house squeaking it. When I finally get her to calm down and sit (she is obedient once you calm the excitement), she looks at me with that adorable doggie smile 🙂 She follows me everywhere and makes me feel safe knowing that nobody will approach our house without her letting me know. I call her my little dingo all the time when she acts crazy! lol
    I am so glad I found her 🙂 She is an awesome dog!

    • Sounds like your Cattle dog is adorable! When they get older, they get a bit “CRANKY”…like growling for no darn reason, but they are special. You can teach them sign language, tricks, etc. and they catch on very quickly!! They are known for their intelligence, so NEVER underestimate them. Thank you for sharing & I appreciate ALL COMMENTS…. 🙂 -LeeLee

  4. AJ

    I have a blue heeler also and when I first got her I knew nothing about the breed. I was mystified by her insistence at keeping all of our dog toys together. I have two other dogs and when they spread out the toys she gathers them up. One of the other two will come get one and play with it. She patiently waits for them to abandon it and then goes and gets it and puts it with all the others. I have since learned that this is part of the breed’s herding instinct. I just thought she had OCD. She is an amazingly loyal and intelligent dog. Wouldn’t trade her for any other breed.

    • My blue Heeler is so attached he follows everywhere.When my husbands pretends to wack me, he freaks out and stands between us. He is 55 pounds of pure muscle. He often makes a lot of weird noises to get my attention. When we talk too much, he does a heavy sigh to try to shut us up. Unconditional love is what he gives me every day…. Most human beings DO NOT have that same capacity. I was truly blessed to find this dog. (Thanks for sharing your story with me!)

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