How much do we really know about the brain?


Brain Storm

Scientists don’t know everything about the brain. I think they are getting close to understanding some of it, but certainly not all of it. I once proposed an idea to a Psychiatrist, saying that the IQ tests should be changed. According to the tests I was given, as a child, my IQ was in the normal range. I was never asked to write a poem, sing a song, draw, paint, or give my opinion about World Peace. The scientists only seem to measure the logical part of the brain…math, reason, comprehension, etc. (Well, they test you on the boring stuff.) They completely forget creativity, art, music, humor, emotionalism. I don’t understand why. I’m a right-brained thinker, therefore, I suck at Math, but I excel in logic. Is it just me, but is their focus on just one portion of the brain? What about us Right-brained geniuses? They would never allow me in MENSA.

It was Albert Einstein who said : “Imagination” is more important than Knowledge.” So perhaps the scientists who write the IQ tests should have listen to Einstein, they certainly aren’t going to listen to me. According to the experts, I am average. The truth is I have a four octave singing range, relative pitch, write, edit, paint, draw, carve, design, read a book a week, cook, clean, groom my dog, and help run a household. I sound like super-woman right? No. I am average. Since I totally stink at Math, and was a bit slow when it came to the Sciences, I was a nitwit who attended Community College. I even had to take remedial English, as I recall. It was humiliating, ah, but I learned speed reading, and now I read faster than anyone on my block. (Gee wiz, not really helpful.)

I have worked with guys who have advanced degrees in Medicine, and they are not good with people, think that puns are funny, and can barely ties their own shoes. All learning comes easy to them, but they aren’t fun to  hang out with. In fact, many of them are socially retarded. By the way, the most fun I ever had was hanging out with professional comedians. The have the gift of HUMOR. In fact, they can see the humor in most anything life throws at them. Oh and another thing, many of them went to Community College.

Our brains are all wired differently. By that I mean, each of us is an individual, and whatever our talents are, they should be acknowledged. An IQ test really doesn’t measure our entire brain capacity, and neither does it measure potential. So when someone tells me how brilliant they are, I always take it with a grain of salt. I would rather see compassion, tolerance, and humility in a person than brilliance. They say: ” The lights that shine brightest always burn  out quickly”. In other words I didn’t peak early, and everyday I learn something. Pat yourself on the back now, most of us are in the same boat….and the boat is sailing….weeeee. Having fun yet ?

Let me wrap this up by saying we really don’t know much about the brain. I feel that the brain is the “Control Center” of the body, yet we have a spiritual body that is a separate “Thinking Entity”. Our souls give us drive and often compels us to do things, when are brains are too feeble to work properly. There is much more to the thinking process than the firing of the brains’ synapses. I can not prove any of this, it just one of my “Theories” , but my mind and “spirit” sees it as the truth.

English: Albert Einstein Français : Portrait d...

English: Albert Einstein Français : Portrait d’Albert Einstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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