Dumb things that you should NEVER try…



There a lot of rumors going around about “Licking Toads” to get high. I went to several different web sites, and all of them agree. It’s a dumb thing to do. The cartoon is funny, but if you lick toads you are only going to get sick. In fact, the Cane Toad in Australian has been known to kill people. (That’s just part of the news, they don’t get you high either, just sick.) Rumor has it that some species of Toad can be milked for its’ venom, others have to be dried, then smoked….lah de dah. Seems like a lot of trouble to get a buzz.

Another rumor going around was about Datura. This is a plant that is very common in the desert, and had hallucinogenic properties. Some kids decided to try making a tea out of it, and they got sick and died. Eons ago, Native Shamans used Datura in Spiritual rituals. However, they prepared it in a such a way, that it would not be lethal. I think that a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing. Toxins are everywhere in our environment. Not knowing what you’re doing can kill you.

Peyote is another toxic plant that can cause sickness. It is still used today in certain Native ceremonies. However, only a Medicine man should be dispensing the drug, and according to what I have heard, a female and male plant should be used together in order to prevent sickness. I have never heard of anyone using peyote and NOT getting sick. Seems like a lot of trouble for a “high”.

I hope no one out there thinks unsupervised experimentation is a good idea. I used to work in hospitals. Part of my job was to pass medication to patients. Each person has a different reaction to drugs. Even FDA approved meds can kill you. Guess what? Even doctors and nurses can end up addicted to substances  because they are tempted by what’s around them. It’s easy to get on my “High Horse” and say I am better than that.  Instead of preaching, let me share a story that effected me in a personal way…

I met a young intern when I was working at a hospital. He and I dated a couple of times, and he was a great guy. One day I was called into a meeting with some local cops and asked if I was a friend of the intern. I asked why they wanted to know. They said he was caught stealing drugs from the locked “narcotics drawer” at the hospital where we both worked. (I was very shocked.) They asked me if he used drugs when I was with him. I told them no. We had rum drinks as I recall, nothing stronger. He got in a lot of trouble for the theft. Later I found out that drugs eventually killed him. It never made sense that he would jeopardize his career, and lose his life. All because of drugs. What happened to him just never made sense. I am also very lucky that I do not have an addictive personality.

What exactly is the point of this article? Look before you leap. Weigh all your options. If you want to get high, go to a bar and drink like most people. Any other goofy behavior can get you into loads of trouble. You can end up hurting yourself and everyone around you. Who needs that?


5 thoughts on “Dumb things that you should NEVER try…

  1. Het Ben , Thanks for the comment. I don’t drink either, and most drugs are completely useless on me. I think it is because my body is wired funny. Either that, I’m from a distant galaxy far, far away. (That darn Alien DNA !)

  2. I am licking myself! LOL!

    I to am happy I never really understood drugs – my best friend from grade-school is a long time druggie – I saw him when I was in Ohio and thought wow – what a waste of a life! We are blessed to drink and eat and not worry about addiction! Now pass the moonshine!

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