Open your Mind, the Possibilities are Endless


doorway to stars

Imagine just for a moment, that you could have anything you desire. A large part of what we can imagine is possible for us. We must have desire, and faith in ourselves. Most people lack imagination, and that is often a deciding factor as to whether or not you get what you want in life. IF YOU CAN THINK IT, YOU CAN BE IT…

I am not “The Sharpest Tool in the Shed”, and if you read my blogs, you know this. Read some of these awesome, creative, and pure genius blogs on WordPress, and you’ll know what I mean. I don’t have a PhD. I did the college thing, but most of my knowledge, the stuff that counts anyway, came from the : “School of Hardknocks”. If I want to find out about something, I do my research. It has gotten me in trouble, but I learned.

Here is the story about becoming a psychic. I didn’t just wake up, get a TAROT pack, and hang a sign outside my window. (I ain’t that kind of psychic.) If you can’t do psychometry, use clairvoyance, or sense what’s around you, YOU SHOULD GO BACK TO SCHOOL. I went to a  seminar in my 30’s and learned different tools “To TRICK people” into believing I had a gift. We learned the TAROT, psychometric, and reading photos. I seemed to shine when it came to psychometry (The art of “vision” , using personal objects belonging to a specific person.) It is many years later, and I am able to do automatic writing, and a smattering of other tools that are sort of hard to describe.

What I like about being sensitive, is that it can save you from bad situations. What I despise about being sensitive is that if you encounter a born-again Christian, they OFTEN accuse you of witchcraft. They don’t understand the Bible quite clearly states we are all capable of ESP. Read about :The Gifts of the Holy Spirit.” (When they speak in tongues, they channel spirit energy, but they don’t consider THAT witchcraft?) I got confused about Religion a long time ago, thanks to the hypocrisy of others. I honor all Religions, but am sick of standing in Judgement by those who refuse to pick up a book and READ the contents…

I am going to relate a personal story, so that whoever reads this (especially my meager following of five people), will understand where I am coming from. One day I went to lunch with a group of people. We met in a cafe near the beach. I happened to mention that I used psychometry to aid in “visions”. A young guy with a beard seemed interested, and handed me a crystal that he wore around his neck. So I took the crystal, closed my eyes, and got an impression, that he was involved in some kind of legal battle. (I saw a brief case, papers, and a courthouse.) I told him what I saw and handed back the crystal. He seemed impressed because my reading was SPOT ON , but he wanted “MORE”. This is when things got really creepy. I closed my eyes again and instead of a vision, an “INNER VOICE” spoke to me. The voice nearly screamed: “This man is EVIL ! ” Well…. I’m no retard,  I could NEVER say that to a guy I hardly knew. So I lied ! I told him that he would have great results from the lawsuit, and he would be most likely win. Hey, I was totally BS- ing the guy. I had no idea what he was up to, but I knew the dude was a bad guy. A year later, I got a phone call from a friend who had invited me to lunch that day. It seems that not only was the guy I had warned her about evil, but he was suspected of molesting his girlfriends’ daughter. That freaked me out. (Mind you I never picked up the fact that he was hurting a child.)

I did learn something about readings. If you don’t know the person well, and they are challenging you to do a FREE reading, refuse. Do it politely, say:”I’m really off my game today”,  or ” I must have complete silence for a Spiritual Reading“. Anyone who challenges you, and your gift is PLAYING with you. If they are serious about a reading, they will contact you and give you a donation. I don’t work for free, because I truly believe people will think it’s just a parlor game to you. It’s NOT a game. However, I do not charge much more than a tank of gas either, because I consider that stealing. I’ve seen so many fake psychics it makes me want to puke. I will teach classes on how to improve one’s psychic ability, before I will do readings. People want to hear about the good things that are coming, and most people lead miserable lives. Thoreau said : “Most men lives their lives in quiet desperation.”  All I can say about that is : “Amen Brother !”

I hope that I made myself clear. I’m not a witch, but I have been called that, and much worse. If you think you have “The Gift”, use it wisely. I believe we all have Spiritual gifts… Healing, Empathy, Sensitivity, Knowing, Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Discernment…. Each one of us has a gift, you just have to open our mind, your heart, and turn to God for true guidance.


2 thoughts on “Open your Mind, the Possibilities are Endless

  1. Wow, that must have creeped you out when you did that one dude’s reading. I would hate for that kind of thing to happen to me. I believe all people have gift and some it takes a while like me, others realize them right away and don’t use them. It is a really cool thing when you have one and you use it to help others. I am realizing finally that I need to use mine.

  2. Thanks for leaving the comment. Yeah, it really did give me the creeps, and it made me angry. I wish I could have clued people in about this guy. The sad thing is, no one listens to psychics. I tried to tell my “so-called” friend but she dismissed me like I was an annoying gnat. They say that child molesters are charming, well he was. That’s how he spun his web of evil. Like it says in the Bible, talking about “false prophets”, they come to you like gentle lambs, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. It reminds me of the many “pedophile” priests, who took abused innocent children. No greater sin can be inflicted by man, yet many of the priests got away with their sins. I’m still hoping the Catholic Church will apologize…

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