I love to look at the clouds, you never know what you’ll see.


angel in sky

This certainly is one of the most amazing cloud photos I have seen. Right in the top center you can clearly see an image that looks like an angel. I saved  this on my computer because I wanted to share it with others. Whether or not you believe in angels does not matter. The photo has not been doctored in any way, and it really looks like a huge floating figure who hands are clasped in prayer. If you see something else let me know, I do read all my comments.

When I go on long road trips I look at clouds…. I must clarify. I am NOT driving when I do this. THAT WOULD BE DANGEROUS. When I am sitting in the passenger seat, I am able to look at clouds, and if I see animals, faces, or other objects that appear, I draw them. I have a little notebook full of drawings, but I have never seen anything that looks like an angel. Whoever photographed the cloud formation with an angelic figure got very lucky.

There is something very magical about clouds. They can appear seemingly out of nowhere and when they cover the sun, it has a cooling effect. I live in the desert and any bit of cloud layer is appreciated. When the summer hits and the temperatures rise to 110+ degrees, many of us pray for clouds. I miss fog, but we occasionally get morning fog, especially after a rain storm. I remember years ago, walking by the ocean, on very foggy days. There was a foot path along the ocean and I would walk for miles. Not many people would go to the beach on these days, but they were missing out. I could walk for miles, then all of a sudden, out of the pea-soup-thick fog a face would appear. There were some people who figured out the beauty and mysteries that hide in fog. After all, it is merely a cloud that is touching the Earth.


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