Are we breeding a Society of Robots?



People are complaining that are children are fat. They tell us obesity within the populations of American children is occurring at alarming rates. We blame the children, when we should be looking at what society is hoisting upon our kids. They ALL have I-pads, X-boxes, computers, cell phones, and various video games. What our children don’t get is a chance to get off their posteriors and GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY !

We are breeding a society of Robots, who are so tech-oriented that they forget about normal “Kid” games. Do they play hide and seek, kick the can, Truth or Dare, Duck, Duck, Goose? Nah….They would rather “Hook-up” on Face Book, My Space, or be texting each other. These kids are exposed to cell phones, computers and other assorted machines the day they come out of their mother’s womb. I think Kids need to be kids’ again.Of course I know these new tools are fun for them, but there should be some balance in their lives.

My main fear is that children are not being socialized. Do they know how to have a normal conversation? Here is a typical kid’s version of a text: How RU? Cnt Tlk my Bat Lw.LOL It’s code for: Can’t talk, my battery is low. Laughing out loud. They have their own codes, but their brains may be getting mushy. We are allowing kids to let the computers do the thinking. There are even some adults who want to download the entire contents of their brain into a computer. THAT WAY, THEY CAN LIVE FOREVER…Come on people, that is just crazy. The data in your head, does NOT equal a human life, it is just data. Seems like the character named “Data” on Star Trek will one day become a reality.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Robots. I just don’t want children to start emulating them. It isn’t healthy. Technology is a wonderful gift, but it can be abused like anything else. How many “Texting” kids have to drive into on-coming traffic, before I can prove my point? Now when I drive I have to be cautious of overly medicated seniors and texting/cell phone wielding teens. I remember when only drunks were a problem. Oh those were the “Good ‘Ol Days”.   🙂

Data (Star Trek)

Data (Star Trek) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


3 thoughts on “Are we breeding a Society of Robots?

  1. I guess it is just me and you liking this post. I would be really mad at these kids if I wasn’t such an electronics junkie. I’d stay and talk outdoors and exersize but I Gotta go and plug into my Xbox.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment. I have been at it for a couple of months now & I really love reading your BLOG. All the bitterness we build up is so toxic. It is as if we have three choices in life: 1. Whine to a shrink 2. Drink until our Livers’ explode or… 3. Write a Blog ( I chose door number 3 ) 😉

      • I gotta say you are right. The blog was finally my way to vent about all the crap at work. Can’t afford a shrink or a drink, but can definitely insult and whine with the best of them. Gotta also say that comments like yours earlier sure make it worth it to write these posts 3 times a week. Thanks! Hope you have a good day at work tomorrow!

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