When man plans, God laughs



There is a wonderful old Jewish Proverb that says, “When Man Plans, God Laughs”. I understand EXACTLY what this means. I could sit with a piece of chalk and invent new forms of energy, re-figure and manipulate atoms, and perhaps even re-invent the wheel. Yet, if I did do some ingenious things with just a piece of chalk and a blackboard, would my work ever get noticed? I really doubt that it would.

Here’s the thing that makes life so crazy. You can NEVER predict anything with complete certainty. If you want to get noticed in this world, it takes lots of money, ingenuity, and getting to know the right people. Other times, it’s just “Dumb Luck”. There are many people who have made remarkable contributions to the world and yet, they never got noticed until after they were dead. Timing and luck seem to be very important factors when it comes to success.

I once had a dream that I had invented an anti-gravity machine. It was the size of a dinner plate, and with one action, could lift you off the ground and propel you gently into the air. It ran on a crude battery made of salt and acids. The machine was non-polluting and very inexpensive to produce. When I woke up from my dream, I sketched a version of it and left it in my notebook. Too bad I never figured out how to make it work. The patent on such a device may be worth a fortune. Alas, it was only a dream. I can only imagine how to put together such a device.

Even though I probably will never be able to come up with the next great invention, I will never stop imagining. My imagination is what keeps me going and makes my writing, and artistic endeavors possible. I have had a lot of my “IDEAS” fall flat on their faces, never to see the light of day. Yet somehow I manage to keep trying out new ideas because it makes me happy. Eventually, instead of planning everything, I have learned to “GO WITH THE FLOW”. Trying too hard can lead to heartache and disappointment. Hopefully, God isn’t laughing too hard at me. It’s OK to plan life’s little events, but try not to be too enthusiastic. Things can change in an instant. (It’s good to always have a Plan B.)


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