My predictions for April


woman hiding

Happy St. Patrick’s day. For those of you who do not know me very well, and heck, who does… I like to tell the future. For April I see a lot of transformation for people in general. There will be more violence coming, and ANOTHER war will be started. I see Asia in general as a HOTBED of anger and extreme hostility. Unfortunately, if a missile is launched, then there will be hell to pay. (You know who I refer to.)

Another weird occurrence will happen in a remote part of Africa. Strange sightings in the night skies will terrify locals. It won’t be reported much in our papers, because the government we have is adamant that UFO’s don’t exist. Shameful when the bureaucracy has so much power to confuse the general populace. Don’t worry for the “fringe elements” will take the story and run with it.

Soon, an actual Crypto-zoological being will be seen in parts of Asia. It will be nothing like the usual reports and photos. Clear photos and videos will be seen of the creature. Since we have never heard of such a creature before, many scientists will not speak about it. It will be large, hairy, and reddish-brown.

Weird weather will be heading our way. It will no longer be easy to predict with satellite images. Look to the summer for weird tornado-like activity that does NOT fit the usual storm trends. The Earth will be kicking up her heels and doing a very weird dance.


2 thoughts on “My predictions for April

    • I have been doing automatic writing for two years. When I predicted tornadoes in New York, I thought it would NEVER happen. When it did , my family members requested I put this stuff on my blog. Now I do these wild predictions via the automatic writing. Believe me, I thought it was just CRAZY.

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