Meditation with Golden Light


"Gathering the Light" from the Taois...

“Gathering the Light” from the Taoist book The Secret of the Golden Flower, translated by C. G. Jung and Richard Wilhelm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

holdin light

The best Meditation Technique is to use Golden Light. Mind you, the imagination comes into play, but it works. Close your eyes, hold your hands together and slowly move them apart. Imagine a gold ball of light being formed in your hands. The ball is light as a feather, and you can toss the ball in the air catch it. Imagine that you have complete control of this ball of energy. Toss the ball around, and play with it like you are a child with a new toy. The light will do whatever you ask of it.

Now imagine the golden light can form any shape. It is full of healing energy. Cover your whole body with this perfect energy source. Feel yourself getting stronger, happier, and healthier. Breathe in the golden light. Feel the light cooling you, and warming you. The light can fill you with peace, and bring you amazing calmness. It is part of the life force that binds us all in perfect harmony, and speaks to our souls.

Now concentrate on any part of your body that hurts. It can be a physical or emotional pain. Allow the golden light to infiltrate the area that causes you discomfort or grief. The light is so perfect it knows exactly how to heal all areas of your body that need attention. Now ask the light mentally, to take away all anxiety, grief, anger, frustration or pain that you have. Let the Golden light direct you. Listen to it. The light has a voice. If it speaks write down the advice it gives… You may hear something like: “Set yourself free, by forgiving those who have hurt you”.  (By all means write down what you hear from the light. Later, you can refer to it and it will definitely help you heal.)

Spiritual Healing is just as important as physical healing. Trauma, either physical or mental can leave scars that can take its toll on the body. It is necessary to calm the body and mind, in order to get the best results. Any form of meditation is helpful as long as it suits the individual.


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