Going Crazy


crazy grandma

Gramma does not look happy. She has the thousand yard stare… Like she’s gonna have someone for breakfast. If she is going crazy, there is some good news. She probably will never know what is happening, BECAUSE she is crazy.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to completely lose it? To go to “Crazy Town“, get a one way ticket to “Wacky-Ville”, or take the fast train to “Loopy Lane”? I think about it a lot. Every day I switch on the NEWS and there is a story about someone doing something so dumb it’ll make your head spin. Why are sooo many people just freaking out and loosing it? I have heard bad behavior blamed on violent video games, a BAD childhood, sexual abuse, and even pollution and chemicals. The real problem is, people are going CRAZY at alarming rates.  I think before we take away guns, we should hire mental Health Care Practitioners who are willing to help people BEFORE they “Go Off”.

I think it is time we as a Nation address the problem of “Mental Health“. Often people who need help are afraid to ask for it, because of the stigma attached to Mental illness. People run to the doctor with runny noses, back pain, and fevers. When they are exhibiting aberrant behavior they self-medicate. (Often with illicit drugs and or alcohol.) We need to get the message out, that everyone who is under stress is at risk. Do you realize that 67.8% of all people eventually have a major psychological breakdown? { I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but an English Professor told me that statistics always look good when writing a serious piece.}

There are a great number of people who don’t really care what happens to others as long as the “problem” resolves itself. Yet, that is just it. Mentally challenged people affect us all. The problem just doesn’t “go away” either, noooo, it can fester like a green, oozing wound. (Too much?)

All in all CRAZY is here to stay. We can’t just swat at it like an annoying fly and hope it goes elsewhere. When the mass shootings start, the Prez keeps screaming about the gun laws. Great. That is like banning 32 ounce sodas because people are too fat. Mr. President, why don’t you address the REAL problem with our society? People are going WACKO at an alarming rate. Give people easy access to Mental Heath Clinics…or is that NOT included in your up-coming Health Care Plan?


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